Everest Hotel Tingri

Everest Hotel Tingri

Located in Baiba Town of Tingri County, 100 kilometers from the Mt. Everest Base Camp, and only 5 km from the checking point of Sino-Nepal border, Everest Hotel is one of the highest hotels in the world. This is an excellent base for those wanting to spend the night before crossing the border.
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About the Hotel

Everest Hotel in Tingri Tibet bears many names like Tingri Zhufeng Hotel/Tingri Qomolangma Hotel and Tingri Everest Hotel. It has 180 beds, including standard rooms, Tibetan standard rooms, high-grade economic rooms and ordinary economic rooms which are equipped with lights, showers, hot water supplies, electric blankets, free wifi (low signal) etc, ensuring a good sleep for all guests. Before turning to Mount Everest, you can have a good rest in this hotel.

Besides the accommodation, the Everest Hotel also offers meeting room, bar, commercial center, and car rental service. Hotel's restaurant offers warm, full energy food and can serve 120 people at one time. Because of the hotel's location, it also provides the necessary facilities including clinic for some emergencies. In the winter, this hotel will be closed until the next spring due to the harsh winter climate.
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