Majon Beach Guesthouse

Majon Beach Guesthouse

Majon Beach Guesthouse – also known as Majon Beach Resort, Majon Bathing Resort or Majon Hotel, lies against a thickly wooded hill with over 4,000 trees and stretches in Hamhung along the beach full of beautiful flowers. It, indeed, is a real "paradise". You can enjoy sea-bathing in safety. It is good place for swimming from June to October.
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About the Hotel

Majon Beach Resort was opened in 2009 and consists of 3 buildings collectively in the shape of a flying seagull, housing 108 rooms of differing levels of luxury. Every room is equipped with an air conditioner, a fridge, flat screen TV, electric kettle, ect. It is perhaps the best equipped and most luxurious choice of accommodation for international visitors in Hamhung and a perfect place for a relaxing beach getaway in this peaceful bathing resort with its 1,200 m of pleasant sandy beach.

The Majon Hotel allows you to join locals activities such as volleyball on the beach, fishing, hiking to the nearby forest and exploring its flora and fauna. Everybody can easily catch the small seashells spread on the bottom of 80-metre section of the shallow sea. The hotel also provides a swimming pool, folk game hall, dancing hall, table tennis, billiards, bowling alley, souvenir shops and a bar. Hotel's main building boasts three restaurants serving special Korean food like sliced raw fish, fresh herb dishes, roast beef on heated stone, sinsollo and potato starch noodle (kuksu) as well as Western and Chinese cuisines.
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