Minsok Folk Hotel

Minsok Folk Hotel

Located in the ancient capital of Kaesong, North Korea, Minsok Folk Hotel (Kaesong Folk Hotel) is the standard hotel which was converted from a portion of Kaesong’s old city. It was opened in 1989 and offers accommodations for domestic and foreign visitors.
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About the Hotel

Kaesong Folk Hotel consists of 19 traditional hanok style courtyard houses, dating from around 1900 with 50 rooms which still retain their original furnishings. The hotel allows visitors to experience an approximation of aristocratic high society in days of yore, plus the added comforts of electricity, indoor plumbing, television with national channels. Rooms offer their guests a traditional Korean experience, which means that people sleep on padded mats on the floor, heated by the traditional Ondol heating system. The decorations are traditional too with curtains, chairs and teapots all in the traditional Korean style.

Kaesong is a small city which located in North Korea, just north of the 38th parallel dividing the peninsula. Here you will find the largest concentration of pre-1945 structures in the DPRK, many dating back to the latter centuries of the Choson Ri Dynasty (1392-1910), Korea’s last feudal dynasty. You will visit the DMZ, the royal tombs and some other tourist attractions within the city. At Minsok Folk Hotel, electricity and hot water are only available in the evening. Hotel's restaurant serves you with wonderful Korean dinner.
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