Rajabori Villas Resort

Rajabori Villas Resort

Located in the North of the tranquil island of Koh Trong, Rajabori Villas Resort (formerly Sala Koh Trong Hotel) has 13 traditional Khmer style wooden houses, acting as the accommodation. All houses are beautifully designed with hand-carved wood furniture and a large balcony enabling you to take in the beautiful surroundings.
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About the Hotel

The rooms at the Rajabori Villas Resort are beautifully decorated with lovely Cambodian textiles & prints mixed with mid-century modern Ercol-esque furniture. For the electricity, the resort used a mixed system made of a generator that operates a portion of the night and solar panels. There are, however, sometimes without electricity as the solar panels do not store power and the generator is not kept on all night because of the noise. Therefore, If you need air-con, modern facilities, hot water and 24/7 electricity, this is not the place for you!

The Rajabori Villas Resort also has a wonderful swimming pool which is a nice place to relax. You can sit around all day, order cool drinks and cocktails. Hotel's restaurant offers a menu of rural Cambodian cuisine using seasonal produce from Kratie’s market. Barbecue facilities and room service are also available.
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