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Miyajima Sea Kayaking

Miyajima Sea Kayaking

LOCATION: Miyajima Island
Enjoy a sea kayaking tour around Miyajima Island and its Torii Gate, which are both designated as World Heritage Sites. Paddle across calm waters, circling the shores of Miyajima Island and stopping to admire the impressive vermillion gate of Itsukushima Shrine. This activity will give you a new perspective on the island and views of Miyajima and the famous shrine that few people ever get to see.

What you are gonna do

  • 01

    The Miyajima sea kayaking can start at 9:30 or 13:00. You will be met by the instructor on the shores of mainland Hiroshima then provided with a 30-minute introductory lesson.
  • 02

    Set off for a paddle across the Setonai-kai Inland Sea. Enjoy the views of Hiroshima and Miyajima island, appreciating the solitude of the waters in between the shores. Continue to UNESCO-heritage Itsukushima Shrine, watching the details of its impressive torii gate. Admire the vermillion gate up close, enjoying a different point of view from what most tourists get to see.
  • 03

    Paddle around the shoreline of Miyajima, seeing its charming old town with towering Mt. Misen in the background. Stop at a quiet stretch of beach and go ashore for a short break before paddling back to the starting point.
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