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Nara Hills Trekking

Nara Hills Trekking

Take a scenic, spiritual trek near Nara. Follow the path of Japan's oldest road, stunningly winding through forests and rice paddies. Visit ancient Shinto shrines and peaceful Buddhist temples along the way, experiencing the harmonious blend of cultural heritage and natural wonders that make Japan specially attractive.

What you are gonna do

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    Start this spiritual hike near Nara with a local guide around 10:00. Cross through Nara's Tenri Hondori arcade, a massive shopping area housing more than 200 shopfronts and cafes, followed by passing by the impressive Tenri-kyo Shinto-sect church along the way to the trail.
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    The rest of the day's trek is along Yamanobe-no-michi, a section of the road that once linked Nara to Tokyo. Two of the highlights of the trail are Chogaku-ji Temple (with beautiful surroundings) and Omiwa Shrine (one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan).
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    After this insightful walk in the woods, head back to Nara, bid farewell to the guide and enjoy a well-deserved rest at the hotel.
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