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Osaka Food Tour

Osaka Food Tour

This evening-based Osaka food tour focuses on the city's best- and most bizarre- selections. Wander through laneways filled with pubs, popping in for a snack and cold beer. Then sample local favourites at mobile street stalls, all the while embracing the vibrant atmosphere of Osaka at night.

What you are gonna do

  • 01

    This Osaka Food Tour begins at 16:00 with hotel pick-up. Visit Doguyasuji market, Dotonbori district to see what's on offer. Then sample takoyaki, Japan's beloved octopus balls, or okonomiyaki, a pancake of cabbage, pork, ginger and special spices.
  • 02

    Wander to Hozenji Yokocho and make a stop at Hozenji Temple, a small temple at the end of an alley where local devotees splash water on the sacred statue. Continue by train to Shinsekai for the second half of this food adventure.
  • 03

    Head to the top of Tsutenkaku tower for a bird's eye view over the city. Afterwards return to the streets of Shinsekai for dinner. Dozens of culinary options await including the Osaka speciality of kushikatsu. After this, return to the hotel to drift off to sleep with a belly-full of Japanese delights. End Osaka Food Tour.
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