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by Khuong Nguyen | Jul 23, 2019

2 destinations “must – visit” in North Korea

It is a misconception that it’s almost impossible to visit North Korea.
It is a misconception that it’s almost impossible to visit North Korea. In fact, almost anyone can visit North Korea for tourism but do not get to go around North Korea freely. Walking in the parks, driving through the streets, and visiting the countryside does give us much more of a sense of what life in North Korea is like. Let’s get a picture of the notoriously secret and isolationist state that you’re never going to see and never going to be told if you just stay in front of the TV screen. This article is our complete guide on things to do in North Korea. Stay tuned!

1. Pyongyang
There’re a lot of bucket list items in Pyongyang as it has hundreds of beautifully crafted monuments, high-quality museums and memorial murals which show off political leaders and party workers – the pride of this country. This lovely capital of North Korea is an attractive destination for those who love Socialist Classicism architecture. You will have the sense of being somewhere between Eastern Europe and Central Asia which makes it different from the rest of Asian metropolis.
Juche Tower located the banks of the Taedong is a monument to the ideology of North Korea, Juche. The Juche ideology is developed from a version of Marxism / Leninism, which is taught to the North Korean people from a young age. This beautiful 170 m / 557 ft monument presents the belief of North Koreans in collaboration and nation spirit.
Pyongyang Metro: The stunning Pyongyang subway stations are among the most beautiful in the world of which the design is largely influenced by those of the Moscow Metro. This station was heavily bombed but can quickly be converted. Though it’s claimed to be the deepest in the world, the escalator will help you go around Pyongyang Metro just in 3 minutes. Who says that there is no modernity sign in this country.

Arch of Triumph was designed to commemorate Korean resistance to Japanese invasion and eventual liberation from Japanese rule since the 20th century. this victory arch is the second tallest triumphal arch in the world (following the Monument to the Revolution in Mexico city).
The city is immaculate with no mess nor no rubbish and the people here, in general, are very friendly and always curious to interact with foreigners.

2. DMZ
DMZ, which stands for Demilitarized Zone, is the line of the border between North and South Korea and heavily guarded by the military from both North and South Korea. For many visitors, this is as close as you may ever get into a part of 20th century world history which is still having significant global impacts on international affairs today. Moreover, DMZ is considered as one of the “tourism” experiences on earth.

Freedom Bridge connects North and South Korea, though a massive barricade blocks which are used to enter and exit North Korea
Dora Observation offers binocular views of Kijong-dong – the town with windowless, incomplete buildings were built in order to lure South Koreans to defect and move across the border in the 1950s .
Infiltration Tunnels shows you the images dating back to the time when the North and South were having peace talks. North Korea was using these underground tunnels to infiltrate the South.

As the limitation of time and the length of the webpage, we just take you to 2 famous destinations that attract more and more global tourists to come here now. There is not an abundance of companies offering North Korea travel experiences, thus Asia Senses believes that we are one of the best-reputated tour providers you have.