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by Ray Loh | Jul 23, 2019

24 hours of culinary discovery in Singapore with Asia Senses

In many previous posts, we mention Singapore a lot which has a cultural combination of tradition and modernity.
However, culinary experience is indispensable to have a complete trip. Let's explore Singaporean cuisine in a typical day of traveling with Asia Senses!


In Singapore, breakfast usually includes Kaya toast with soft - boiled eggs or Chwee Kway.
Kaya toast with savory eggs is considered a traditional breakfast dish of Singaporeans, and since ever, this dish has become famous all over the world. The toast is covered with a layer of kaya jam, which is made from coconut and eggs traditionally. Some people enjoy Kaya with tea, others prefer to combine it with coffee, but the way to eat Kaya is the same. Bread is accompanied by soft - boiled eggs with runny yolks, dark soy and white pepper.

If you're allergic to eggs, don’t worry, Chwee Kway will make you satisfied with the softness of glutinous flour. In addition to Kaya, Chwee Kway is also a popular breakfast in Jonor and appears in almost every Singapore food street. It is made from steamed rice flour and water and covered with fried radish, chili and some spices. Chwee Kway is starchy so many young people hesitate to give it a try, however, what a pity if you missed the opportunity to enjoy this delicious cuisine when coming to Singapore.

Bak kut teh: This is a soup in which the pork ribs are stewed with garlic, onion, pepper, spices and herbs in a confidential way. The ingredients blend together to create a uniquely fragrant, charming flavor. You can have Bak kut teh with rice or vermicelli, quinoa and green vegetables.

If you have traveled to Singapore or Malaysia, one famous Chinese noodle you are bound to have heard of is sparkling puller noodle. This dish is originated from Guangdong Province, China. Dried noodles are dipped in special broth, above are thinly sliced pork, shrimp and sparkling puller.

And If you are a spicy addict, Laska curry is what you are looking for in Singapore. Laska Curry is the traditional cuisine of Chinese settlers in the Malacca Strait during a family reunion. This dish is a harmonious blend of spicy coconut curry with ingredients such as pasta, scallops, fried fish, shrimp, bean sprouts ... and served with otah otah fish, laksa leaves.

Chili crab sauce is not only a special cuisine in Singapore but also is ranked among the top 50 best dishes in the world which is voted by CNN Go in 2011. Chili crabs are among Singapore's greatest culinary creations, topping the list of all crab dishes. If you have a chance to visit Singapore in July, you will also have the opportunity to attend a festival dedicated to the famous chili crab, held at the famous Orchard Road shopping paradise.

During a Singapore tour with Asia Senses, you can enjoy chili crab sauce at some of the best-rated restaurants in Singapore which are recommended like Long Beach, Jumbo, Red House or in the China Town food court, the outdoor dining area close to Esplanade durian theater…

Are you about taking a trip to Lion Island country? Let’s take note the food list immediately to have a complete culinary experience in Singapore. Remember that Asia Senses will be always available to be your companion in the road of discovering new horizons!