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by | Jan 04, 2019

3 destinations in Lao Cai which you can’t help falling in love with

Lao Cai is a central tourist area with beautiful landscapes of the northern mountains. This is also home to many historical places, natural caves, specialties and unique cultural characteristics of many ethnic groups. In addition to the beautiful natural landscapes, Lao Cai also has a cool and fresh climate.
Located at an average altitude of 1,500-1,800 m, Lao Cai's climate is special with the transformation of 4 seasons in only one day. Coming to Lao Cai, tourists can’t help falling in love with places like Fansipan, Ancient Sapa Church and Sky Gate... All of them preserve intact beauty which passionate anybody coming to see them.

1. Fansipan

Fansipan is one of Lao Cai's tourist destinations that is so familiar to all Vietnamese. Phan Xi Pang is dubbed as the roof of Indochina and the center of the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range, which possesses a height of over 3100 meters above the sea level. Although it locates only 9km from Sapa town from the southwest, to conquer the highest mountain in Indochina, tourists, amateur or professional climbers all take about 4 - 6 days. This is a great place for adventurous young people who want to discover the hidden beauty of natural forest and mountains right in the country of Vietnam.

Not only bringing adventurous challenges, but Mount Fansipan is also home to a rich eco-tourism system. On the way to climb Fansipan, visitors have a chance to see rare woods and animals in the natural environment, which create an unforgettable experience with the land of Lao Cai.

2. Ancient Sapa church

Ancient Sapa church is one of the largest architectural works in Lao Cai, marking the France culture. Built in 1895, Sapa Church was behind the majestic Ham Rong mountain. The area in front of the church is an ideal place for major cultural festivals or activities of local residents. From the ancient stone church, visitors have the opportunity to witness other long-standing French architectural places such as the headquarters of Lao Cai Tourist Information Center (formerly the old district committee) and Hoang Lien hotel ( formerly Chu Cau villa) created a beautiful Gothic architectural space which is worth visiting.

3. Sky Gate
A sky gate is a place that is almost familiar with Lao Cai tourism. This is the only place in Lao Cai where visitors can have a panoramic view of the rustic but majestic beauty of the Northwest. Because it is about 18km apart from Sapa town center, visitors will have to go through winding mountain roads with many sharp bends, one side is rugged mountain road, one side is the deep abyss. At the Sky Gate of Sapa, visitors can zoom a part of a huge valley with fields stretching immensely in their eyes. There is no word to describe all your inner feelings when you stand in front of this wonder!

We hope that with that information above, you gain more knowledge to complete your itinerary plan to Lao Cai province. In this cold weather, there is no place more suitable to enjoy your holiday with family than Lao Cai. Asia Senses will be right here to give you the best advice and provide you with the best service!