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by Deepak Inamdar | Mar 27, 2020

Travel tips when traveling to India

India is one of the oldest civilization in the world which was the cradle of ancient monuments, rich cultural heritages, meditation and yoga, interesting and mythological stories.

Whether you’re planning to travel to Delhi solo or with someone, for short duration or for a long term, budget or luxury, below are the travel tips for Delhi as well as India in general based on Asia Senses’ travel across India. Let’s check it out!

1. Get negative stereotypes about India out of your head

One question that we receive a lot from our customers: "Is India safe to visit?" It's a misconception that people talking about fanatics, environment or unrespectful behaviors toward women which makes people freak out and affects their outlook when thinking about India trip.

To be honest, Delhi is safe, but it is a very crowded city so you want to travel smart. There is some smog in New Delhi and the streets can be a bit dusty but it's easy to understand that in a major city with millions of people, smog is not a strange phenomenon. As for high crime rate, there are reports of rape and robbery in New Delhi and it happens mostly at night in secluded areas. It's dangerous when you are alone at night going to those areas. Make sure to always be on – guard, careful and aware, but don’t let fear or assumptions prevent you from experiencing all that New Delhi offers.

2. Dress appropriately

There are so many stories about dressing in India like it’s too conservative to wear flashy gears like short dresses or shorts. We don’t deny that. If you are wearing short length dresses, you will be easily getting stared at or potentially scoffed at in New Delhi. You can see that Indian women are required to cover their legs and shoulders as a way to show respect the culture and religions. As for men, we recommended covering your knees. As for women, ensure to cover your knees and shoulders with robes when entering mosques or temple even if the weather is so hot outside.

3. Bargain prices for taxis, rickshaws or tuk-tuk

Some people might think that bargain is a hassle, but it's necessary to bargain in New Delhi. The more flashy or touristy you look, the more taxis and rickshaws will try to overcharge you.

Before leaving your hotels, map where you are going to go, ask an Indian local how much a rickshaw or taxi should be to your destination or the fair rate for each kilometer then calculate yourself for your distance. Then, ask the driver for a little lower than that, if he says no, move on to one of the other rickshaws, however, there's a good chance he’ll call you back as soon as you start walking away. Additionally, if you are not used to bargaining, Uber with a fixed price is also available in New Delhi.

Do you still have any questions about New Delhi or any tips to add? Feel free to leave them below or contact Asia Senses for more information.