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by Nam Nguyen | Mar 29, 2020

4 best things you will get from a Bhutan trip

Spring is the best time to visit Bhutan, with cool and sunny air, flowers blooming and bustling traditional festivals. Here are 4 best things you get from Bhutan trip.

Attend Paro Tshechu Festival

Tshechu ceremony is the most important religious festival in Bhutan, where the whole community gathers to watch mask dance, receive blessings and socialize. The festival is usually held at the end of March every year. This is the first suitable destination in your itinerary to discover Bhutan because it will bring a refreshing spirit and a festive mood to everyone.

People participating in the festival will enjoy traditional dances from monks and secular people. These dances are based on the story of Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche)’s life from the 8th century. It is believed that everyone will be blessed and washed away all sins on them if they attend the Tsechu ceremony and watch mask dance at least one time.

Enjoy the beauty of purple phoenix season at Punakha Dzong

Located right on the peaceful Mo River, Punakha Dzong is the best place for visitors to see the purple phoenix trees blooming at the time of a new year. Not only is the Monk's Winter Palace, but Punakha Dzong is also the place nominated in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. If you are a photography enthusiast and about to travel to Bhutan this spring, take the opportunity to see purple phoenix blooming right in this natural picturesque scene.

Discover many precious birds

Not only are the green forests and flowers blooming, but diverse ecosystems in Bhutan also have rare and precious animals. It is not difficult for tourists to see flocks of bird including spotted baboons, golden forehead knockers, yellow jays, black cranes ... on the roads of Bhutan in springtime. There are 670 different bird species in Bhutan according to the latest statistics, but many of them are endangered. If you are a person who loves exploring something new in nature, don't forget the spring trip to Bhutan.

Exploring the new culinary culture

The Kingdom of Bhutan has a strong cultural tradition of Buddhism, but not all people are vegetarian. Highlanders eat a lot of meat. The meat soup and spicy spices are very popular during the cold season here. Tea, wine and beer are favorite and popular drinks to Bhutanese people. Especially, Bhutanese cuisines have chili as the main flavor. Not only being an indispensable seasoning, but chili is also considered as a favorite vegetable of local people. So If you like fire-in-your-mouth levels of spiciness, local Bhutanese food is all you are looking for.

It’s time to grab your passport, book a ticket and pack your hiking gear. The happiest country in the world is calling your name! Asia Senses has strong confidence to be the best tour guide who will lead you to every experience in Bhutan this spring.

Let we know if you still need any further information or travel tips for a trip to Bhutan after reading this post. Asia Senses Travel is confident to provide you with the best travel services.