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by Khuong Nguyen | Apr 01, 2020

4 important things to know before traveling to North Korea

Formerly, when it comes to the name North Korea, many people think about a country with nuclear weapons and extremely strict regulations to travel. Here are 4 of the important tips to know before beginning your North Korea trip.

1. Foreigners can't use the national currency

When traveling to North Korea, be mindful of the currency you carry. International visitors are not allowed to use North Korean Won, but euros, yuans, South Korean won, and even US dollars are accepted. Moreover, some shops for local Koreans do not welcome foreign tourists entering these. The tour guide will show you where is suitable to buy some snack or mineral water as you get thirsty on the way going around.

Additionally, ATMs and credit cards are not valid for transactions in North Korea, US and yuan coins are also unacceptable. But North Korea does not limit the amount of cash that you bring to this country.

2. You can’t call abroad by local sim card

Contrary to the belief that cell phone is rare in North Korea, local residents use this advance of technology popularly. However, people here as well as tourists who are in North Korea are not allowed to make calls abroad. You can bring your own cell phones but use the local SIM cards to make domestic calls.

3. Take photos and videos with permission

Do not be surprised when the tour guide forbids you to take photos in certain areas, such as a military post, backstage Korean life, transport hubs, special service representatives or anything which isn’t considered a tourism location. The government authorities view taking unauthorized pictures as espionage and they will jail the photographers and confiscate cameras.

At the end of the journey, any photographs on the camera of every tourist will be checked and some pictures will be deleted if they are not in accordance with the applicable provisions.

4. Be mindful of etiquette and behaviour

Not only local residents but also foreign visitors must show respect at statues of North Korean leaders by bowing down upon approaching a statue. When you visit monuments of national importance where stands the statues of Kim Il Sung, you will be asked to solemnly bow and lay flowers as a respectful manner to former North Korean leader.

Additionally, citizens who are caught criticizing or discussing the North Korean Government will be expelled, arrested, or imprisoned or sent to ‘Re-Education Camps’. Therefore, bear in your mind that you should always behave in the right ways and talk about what seems rational.

Asia Senses Travel thinks that with those tips above, there is no obstacle to prevent you from exploring this mysterious landscape. Contact us to get the earliest tour this March and some interesting gifts are awaiting you.