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by Dung Bui | Jul 23, 2019

A complete itinerary in Vung Tau (Viet Nam) with Asia Senses

Vung Tau is a coastal city in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, where there are ideal beaches for tourists to relax and swim.

Lying by the sea, soaking up the sea breeze, and indulging in seafood feasts... are perfect experiences for a quick getaway. Today, Asia Senses will provide you with all the essential information that you need to design a trip to Vung Tau City. Let's get started.

Being a coastal city, with a coastline stretching 20km, Vung Tau has become a popular tourist destination to domestic and foreign tourists. As coming to Vung Tau, you will have a peaceful and pleasant feeling with spacious and airy roads. The blue sea, the green mountains, peaceful temples ... All create an attractive Vung Tau, a city has not only modern buildings but also countless famous landscapes. Besides, Vung Tau is also a land with a long tradition of cultural and historical traditions with vestiges of historical periods.

Traveling in Vung Tau, tourists cannot miss the chance to immerse yourself in beaches with the wild and rare features such as Ho Coc, Ho Tram, Long Hai or Con Dao ...

Two beaches of Ho Coc - Ho Tram in Xuyen Moc district, are tourist attractions because of its unique wild beauty. The clear blue sea, the white sand beach spreads, the rocks lying near the coast, the waves of white foam, the strong winds, why don't you take a kite surfing? Besides,
Con Dao is known for crystal-clear beaches, coconut trees and white sand which enthralls any visitor. With wild beauty and not be affected by the tourism industry, Con Dao is now indeed a rare tourist paradise in Vietnam. Dipping your toes in cool water and watching the day wake up on this Vung Tau's beautiful beaches are the best way to refresh yourself and make most of its beauty.
In addition to the pristine beaches as above, visitors can also experience the other bustling beautiful beaches near the center of Vung Tau city such as Bai Sau, Bai Truoc. Here, visitors will have fun when shopping even while wearing the swimsuit. If you feel tired after a long flight, spend a day in the shade of an umbrella, cocktail in hand, a delicious seafood breakfast and seeing the sunset view. It's certainly worth to try.

Moreover, let's spend a little time in Binh Chau hot mineral water. Binh Chau Ecological Area has been voted as the world's most sustainable ecological zone by the World Tourism Organization, along with Vam Sat (Ho Chi Minh City) - among 65 model ecological zones belongs to 47 countries in the world.

Besides, the famous landscapes with historical sites are also tourist attractions such as Bach Dinh, Dinh Thang Tam relic, Niet Ban Tinh Xa, Quan The Am Bo Tat Temple, Worldwide Arms Museum, Statue of Christ… Also, tourists might have a chance to take part in traditional folk festivals, cultural customs of the inhabitants on the coast when the festive season comes. And at the end of the journey, nothing like a way to wrap up a quick weekend jaunt than a relaxing boat rides back into town.

Vung Tau is a tropical monsoon climate with two distinct seasons: the rainy season starts from May to October, this time has a southwest monsoon; the dry season starts from November to April next year, this time the Northeast monsoon. The average annual temperature is 27 ° C. Therefore, visitors need to prepare carefully, and choose a reasonable time to have a travel and explore Vung Tau very satisfied and full of experience!

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