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by Ray Loh | Jul 23, 2019

A day trip in Malacca City (Malaysia)

Glimpsing the unique domes of mosques, discovering the life and culture of indigenous tribes, smelling incense floating out of Buddhist temples and jasmine from flower garlands outside Hindu temples, …
You defenitely fall in love with Malyasia at the first sight. Especially, in the region, Malacca City seems play host to attention-grabbing attractions as well as some of the most tasteful cuisine. Let’s explore this Malaysia’s sleepy old city with Asia Senses.

Malacca, which is also spelled Melaka, is one of historic cities along Peninsular Malaysia that is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Sitef or their unique architectural and cultural townscape. Malacca has a rich colonical past, which is the result of 500 years of trading and cultural exchanges between East and West. From Ayer Keroh’s lush greenery to the Malacca City’s urban landscape, there are several places that no visitor can not take his eyes off on their travel itinerary.

Christ Church
Christ Church, which is located in the uniquely red old town square or Dutch square, along Jalan Gereja (also known as Church Street), was built by the Dutch when they colonized Malacca from the Portuguese. It's one of Malacca’s most defining structures with the recognizable brick-red building with a huge white cross at the top. This 200 years old catheral is a symbol of a century’s Dutch occupation and and mixture between the Eastern and the Western architecture.
Moreover, you’ll see ricksaws and decorated trishaws lined up close to Christ Church. If you want to admire the beauty of Malacca by taking a scenic trishaw ride, you’d better bargain because many drivers will overcharge foreign tourists.

Melaka River
A relaxing way to see Malacca from a different point of view is cruising down the graceful Melaka River. Especially at the sunset, the town looks just breathtaking as a multitude of delightful artworks can be found in the laneways cutting through the old town near Jonker Street. The Malacca River is one of the highlights of the city which once was one of the most important trade routes in the area and nowadays it becomes a wonderful place for tourists to enjoy all the sights of the city. The river cruises takes around 45 minutes to an hour and costs only RM15. That’s a good bargain, isn’t it?
However, you can think about walking along the Melaka River to see the natural beauty of the river itself and unique appearance with the buildings along the river which are mostly built in many years ago. Those are, perhaps, the reasons why Melaka river is called with the lovely name: Venice of the East.

Jonker street walk
At the end of the journey, we guess you are getting hungry and a little tired, right? Let us introduce Jonker street walk. This is the residential heart of Old Malacca just west of the Malacca River, with beautifully decorated houses, tiny shops, new shops, restaurants and hotels temples and mosques. This is where you can easily look for some where to enjoy nutrious and delicious cuisines and get some special sourvinirs.

We end this post by saying Malacca deserves more than just a day trip. Les’t make most of Malacca journey with Asia Senses.