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by Khuong Nguyen | Jul 20, 2019

A day trip to Da Nang (Vietnam)

Da Nang is a chilled out modern city that is changing every day. There is plenty to discover in Da Nang whether you enjoy exploring the coast by motorbike, chilling out with the locals in a café or relaxing on the beach and sipping cocktails.

Asia Senses Travel has compiled this list of Da Nang attractions to help you explore Da Nang City in an off the beaten path way.

1. Spend a full day at Ba Na Hill

With a cool climate and the average temperature is only 18 degrees Celsius, Sun World Ba Na Hills appears to be quite popular with Vietnamese and other SE Asian tourists to come and experience European culture, see the gothic architecture, and enjoy watching foreigners dress up and perform. Sun World Ba Na Hills is a theme park sitting at the top of a mountain and you’ll need to take a cable car. There are several different areas of the park: a French chateau with a wine cellar and a garden, a Fantasy Park filled with video games and roller coasters, a massive beer garden and also “spiritual zone” area with pagodas and Buddhas…

And of course, your trip to Ba Na Hills will become incomplete if you don't visit the Golden Bridge – what put Sun World Ba Na Hills on the map with foreign tourists. This bridge appears to be held up by two giant ancient hands. Not to mention, this bridge also offers you a majestic natural landscape appearing in front of you with white clouds and green mountains.

2. Dragon Bridge

Another bridge in Da Nang should be listed in your itinerary: The Dragon Bridge. The 545 feet long bridge is constructed of steel and is in the shape of a massive fire-breathing dragon. It looks like a giant yellow dragon crossing the river connecting 2 sides of Da Nang. At night the Dragon Bridge changes colors. If you are lucky enough, you will see the dragon breathe fire on Saturday and Sunday. That's so iconic.

In the daytime, the area along the West of the Han River is ideal for walking and admiring the riverfront skyline. And when the night comes, let’s head to the East side of the river to catch the sunset

3. Have a cup of Vietnamese coffee

Do you know that Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world? Once you give a try to Ca Phe Sua Da (milk ice coffee), you’ll know how addicting this mixture of strong drip-brewed coffee and sweetened condensed milk can be. And the price of each cup is reasonable, just 1 dollar on any corner. For those of you looking for a cup of coffee with an Italian style, there are a number of great specialty coffee shops serving high quality with many origins not only from Vietnam but also other favorite coffee producing regions of the world. Some shops in our list are Happy Heart Café, Gold Star Coffee, Brewman Coffee Concept….

Asia Senses hopes this guide help you to prepare for your journey to Da Nang. Feel free to contact us for more travel inspiration!