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by Kim Hyon-ju | Apr 01, 2020

A glimpse into North Korea from DMZ

It may sound like a crazy proposition to venture into which seems to be the most dangerously armed border in the world – Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

DMZ is heavily guarded by the military from both North and South Korea where the 2 countries meet to negotiate, discuss matters and hold current affairs. Thus, DMZ tours are actually somewhat of a place that gains attention from the curious tourist eye. You might ask a question: How to reach this most guarded borderline as getting there bears many limitations? Join this short tour provided by Asia Senses to make the start of building a further insight into North Korea life from DMZ.

1. Freedom bridge

This was a historical site which some 12000 soldiers were traded at the end of the Korean War. Standing in a long white bridge over the Imjin River and being shown an introductory video, which explained why North and South Korea became divided and how thousands of families broken and displaced by this division, you will find it thoroughly bizarre in the first place. Then, you will delve into the historical information that tells you the complexity of the long-standing tensions between these two nations.

The bridge and surrounding areas are filled with flags, ribbons, and ID cards, all covered with written messages of love and hope for a unified Korea fluttering in the wind. Some of the Korean families wrote messages about their lost beloved ones, who either passed away or are in North Korea.

2. The third Infiltration Tunnel

The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel is the next stop on today journey which lies 73m below ground. It is discovered in 1978 by South Korean forces that the North Koreans had been digging to create an underground entrance for their soldiers to attack South Korea territory. However, the North Koreans denied the existence of the tunnel and said that it was a coal mine.

Some of our tourists demonstrated their experiences in infiltration tunnels that it is not only a decent cardio exercises but it also provides insight into the tensions of post-War Korea. There had been approximately 30,000 soldiers per hour moving through this tunnel. As the tunnel is very damp, steep and cramped, anyone with respiratory problems or claustrophobia is not welcome to get into it.

After visiting the tunnel, you will be offered to see a movie which describes the four tunnels and different attacks by the North Koreans on the DMZ.

3. Dora Observatory

The iconic observatory is located on Dorasan mountain (this might be the origin of its name) from which you can look through the binoculars over the North Korean territory. From this viewpoint, you can see people and the details across the border, two flagpoles, one flying the South Korean flag, the other flying the North Korean flag, which are on 2 sides of the dividing river. Moreover, you will have a better look at the fake town in North Korea in the distance which looks like a great modern town but it turns out to be the cover of North Korea to lure the South Koreans to move across the border in 1950s.

That pretty much sums up the DMZ is undoubtedly the most interesting thing you wanna do in North Korea. If you are planning on a trip to this hottest border, pick Asia Senses to have a full unique “tourism” experience on earth.