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by Tran Thu Ha | Jul 21, 2019

Are you looking for a North Korea private tour?

Private independent tours to North Korea are a great way to travel to North Korea if you want to have a more personal experience, travel at your own pace, fix your own dates, or explore specific aspects of this fascinating and complex country.
North Korea is one of the most mysterious and exciting destinations. In normal group tours, like other travellers, you will have opportunity to visit the historical relics of this country such as DMZ Kaesong, Juche Tower, Kim Il Sung Square... with many interesting things. In addition, most of the group tours are also designed around the big event of the country so that the travellers will have chance to immerse into the atmosphere and spirit of the country and its people here when participating in the festivals such as: National Day of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (9/9), Korean Liberation Day (15/8), Mid-Autumn Festival (15/8 lunar calendar).

However, like any private tour to other countries, when you book a private tour to North Korea, there are only you (and your companions) accompanied by our local North Korean tour guides during the trip, instead of following a group of strange travelers. Accordingly, the tour is exclusive and the itinerary for the trip will be designed and tailored based on your available dates, budget, and interests. depends on you. So what else are you waiting for than starting to plan a North Korea private tour?
When on a North Korea private tour, we will customise the trip for you. Specifically, we provide full information on interesting and fascinating places, you will pick and add some suggestions for more meaningful trips. Our North Korea travel specialists will then work until you are happy with a final itinerary. Here below are some of the advantages of a private tour to North Korea:

Choose the best time for the trip to North Korea

The tour schedule and start date are selected by you. Despite the four distinct seasons, Spring and Autumn are the best time to travel to North Korea. However, you can also book winter tours if you love indulging yourselves in winter sports. Depend of the availability of the air fares, we will fix your own date upon your confirmation.

Means of transportation on the trip

If you are on the normal group tours, you and other travelers are likely to be picked up by a medium-sized car or a shuttle bus. The privacy and the mean of transportation therefore will be limited. However, in the private tours, beside having your own driver and vehicle; and allowing you to travel at your own pace, you also have more options to use in different travel destinations, from bicycles, cars to yachts.

Food during your North Korea tours

As a foreign visitor to the DPRK, you will always be well fed. Food in the DPRK is pretty basic, ranging from an egg sop with bread to white rice (bab) with veggies and meat, potato (gamja) and egg (dalya)-based soups (gug), stews (jigae), casseroles (jeon-gul), and salads (saengchae). Chicken and fish are the most common meats, and neither pork nor beef are common. Duck is most commonly used in Korean barbecues, cooked over a tray of coals in the middle of your table (always a fun experience).

But, in the private tours, we have more conditions to tailor-make and set up a menu that is for you only. You can enjoy every food without feeling worrying about being left behind as in group tour. You are traveling at your own pace and having your personal experiences.

Tour guides and translators

We offer the best tour guides who love to show people the real North Korea. These companions will make your North Korea private tour completely memorable!
We hope that the above information about North Korea private tour is enough for you to book a tour now. Asia Senses is proud of being a quality tour operator in North Korea. With the motto “Experience Like A Local” and rich and practical experiences over many years, our North Korea travel specialists will always try our best to give you a meaningful and memorable holiday.