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by Tran Thu Ha | Mar 27, 2020

Best Asian places to visit in winter

Winter is coming. Do you have any idea on where to travel during this winter? Today's article will introduce two of the most popular tourist attractions in Asia for this cold season.

1. Fenghuang Ancient Town, China

The first ideal location on this list is Fenghuang Ancient Town - China. This is an ancient Chinese town, located in Fengyang County, Hunan Province. The town was built along the Da Giang River 1,000 years ago, but it is still intact with the culture and ancient architecture, with the old houses close to the mountains and Da Giang River, creating a painting of water charming.

The Fenghuang Ancient Town has its own appearance in each season but perhaps in the winter, when the weather becomes peaceful and gloomy, people gradually become lighter and slower, Fenghuang Ancient Town shows off its beauty. You will certainly be impressed by the image of white snow.

This place is home to many different Chinese ethnics, so the lifestyle here also has a multi-color image. The old houses, the streets, the Da Giang River flowing in the middle of the town, the trees covered with snow will make you ecstatic when enjoying these scenes. People are less likely to go out, just stay indoors and enjoy a cup of hot tea. The road is almost wet because of the snow melting, the lush foliage of spring days just looks so gloomy because of snow white color. Da river's surface is smooth, sometimes there are the boats gently flowing downstream.

2. Shirakawago Ancient Village

With ancient beauty and tranquility, Shirakawago ancient village is one of the places that can fascinate your mind right from the first moment. Separated from the outside world by the high mountains, this small village has only been explored for about 10 years by tourists. Shirakawago impresses visitors by its image of picturesque little village with thatched huts, gingerbread and unique culture.

Since introduced on the World Heritage website, Shirakawago welcomes more and more visitors every year, although the cost of traveling to Japan is not cheap. This is also considered a paradise for passionate photographers.

The small Shirakawago is in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains and in each season, it has own distinct beauty. However, according to indigenous people, winter is the most beautiful season in Shirakawago. Not the nature, not world heritage site title that have attracted tourists to this beautiful place, but the tranquility, simple charm in the rural life, the rustic residents, the unique houses made from the materials of the countryside and the scent of rice fields mixed with the village atmosphere surrounding alleys here... always make your day!

Fenghuang Ancient Town and Shirakawago, each of them will give you a different experience that you never forget when winter comes. It is a great honor for Asia Senses to be your travel consultants for your winter trips to these beautiful destinations. With enthusiasm and professionalism, we have strong confidence to design the perfect itinerary for you and your family.