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by Somphone Inthasone | Mar 27, 2020

Crucial tips for long - haul flights

The thought of flying for 7 hours to Luang Prabang, for instance, was so crazy to many people, as it takes a lot out of you. Today’s post we will give you a fair share of tips to survive a long-distance flight.

1. Avoid alcohol and drink water

Flying dehydrates you more than you realize, thus you need to drink more water than you think to remain hydrated. Even before and after the flight, bring your own water bottle onto the airplane because it is much more convenient to have your bottle available next to you without asking and waiting for small glasses of water served by attendants. You can bring a reusable water bottle from home or buy one at the checkpoint at the airport. The ideal amount of water is at least 2 liters on each long flight with 1 liter for every 4 hours you are onboard an aircraft.

Alcohol is forbidden when you are about flying as it dehydrates you far quicker up in the air than it does on the ground, which makes you suffer a hangover.

2. Wear comfy clothes

You know that in any flight, both long and short distance, the atmosphere is cold and chilly enough to make you conscious during the flight. Pack some warm clothes or wear a couple of layers (like a cardigan) so you can remove them or put them back easily. And dress comfy clothes like sweatpants, sweaters, hoodies, sneakers, flip flops… which help your body stretch and expand during flying. Don’t dress jeans and skirts.

3. Choose the right seat

Speaking of seats, picking the right seat is important. In the short flight, the window seat might be an ideal place, but in the long one, the aisle seat is the best way to survive. You are able to stand frequently, stretch your legs and move around the aisle without disturbing your seatmates. However, if there is out of aisle seats, it’s ok, the window seat is a better choice than the middle one as it provides a good view, helps you easier to fall asleep and no one disturbs you when they get up.

A seat that is not too close to the bathrooms or galley is a smart option as you will not be disturbed.

4. Bring something to do

There is no active phone, internet or wifi during the flight and airplane’s entertainment system is tedious, so don’t waste your time on sleeping for hours. Keep yourself occupied by reading a good book, planning on your trip, reading a guide book for your destination or chatting with your company.

At the end of the flight, go to the bedroom to fresh you up. This helps you look decent before landing. Asia Senses hopes that this post is helpful for you when preparing the next trip with us!