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by Tran Thu Ha | Dec 26, 2018

Discover the interesting things when you take a trip to Korea on Tet holiday

Only one month left until Tet comes, many people are busy preparing for Lunar New year. However, do you think about spending those holidays with your family to experience a trip to Kimchi country? Let's discover special features about traditional Tet in Korea which makes many visitors eager to come in springtime.
The traditional Lunar New Year of the Koreans is the most important celebration of the year which usually falls in late January or early February. Similar to Vietnam, on the day of Tet, Korean families gather to clean houses. Before New Year's Eve, Koreans often have a bath in hot water to purify their bodies and their souls. Bamboo bars were burned in the house at the time of the New Year's Eve to ward off evil spirits because people believed that the explosion of bamboo bars would make the demons terrified. All family members were awake during New Year's Eve because according to legend if they fall asleep till the next morning, they would become less lucid and have white hair when they wake up.

On Tet holidays, everyone wears traditional hanbok clothes or choose the best beautiful clothes and the whole family worships their ancestor with a tray of cuisines, which is called Charye ancestor worship rituals on the first day of the new year. After this ritual, young people in the family will bow to the elders and give them new year’s gift to show respect to adults. After they make a bow (sebae) to an adult and wish him/ her good luck (bok), they will be rewarded by adults with money, or sometimes gold, jade or a precious gift depending on that child’s age, position in the family and of course the conditions and conceptions of each family.

In addition to the special Tet rituals, Korean traditional cuisines during the Lunar New Year with richness and beauty also makes every visitors have to be ecstatic. Like Vietnam, Korean offerings are quite fussy with over 20 typical dishes such as wild vegetables, cakes, fish, galbijjim stewed ribs, japchae meat noodles and the main dish of Tteokguk rice cake. During Tet, Korean families gather to enjoy rice wine, omija tea, 5 bitter, spicy, sweet, gakkimchi (broccoli), bulgogi (thin grilled beef), rice paper green beans, sujonggwa (home tea) ... with their guests.

And one destination in Korea that you should visit to complete your experience of Tet atmosphere in this Kimchi country – Jinhae-gu. Jinhae-gu is located in Changwon City, southern Korea. Jinhae is famous for the annual cherry blossom festival in spring. The two most beautiful cherry blossom viewing spots of Korean tourism are at Kyeongwha train station and at Yeojwa canal in Jinhae. In particular, at Yeojwa channel, couples can walk through the dreamy Romance Bridge, where the drama series "Romance" is filmed (Vietnamese name is Nhu Khuc Tinh Ca) which is featured by a famous couple of Kim Ha Neul and Kim Jae Won.

Something extraordinary, something interesting, something similar, that is a harmony of experience you will have when joining our trip to Korea. Don't hesitate to book a tour for yourself to welcome Tet in a different aspect. Remember that Asia Senses will always available to serve you during this Tet with best services.