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by Tran Thu Ha | Nov 23, 2018

Don’t hesitate to take a trip to North Korea

North Korea, the name is familiar enough to evoke an attractive tourist destination but still contains many mysteries.
Unlike South Korea - a country with millions of visitors every year, North Korea is still a mystery to the rest of the world. Due to the political issues, foreign tourists are always under the strict supervision of North Korean state agencies. Previously, the cost of a trip to Korea was relatively expensive, visa procedures causing many obstacles, unstable security situation have prevented tourists from getting into this country.

However, everything has changed since the historic summit between the United States and North Korea in June, 2018. The mechanism in North Korea has improved remarkably, and with tourism considered the prioritized industry, the government has begun to implement more friendly policies to attract more international visitor.

Trip to North Korea

When it comes to North Korea, many travelers who visited this country affirm that this is a beautiful and idyllic land. There is the magnificence of monuments and the cool, green patches that make the backdrop for architectural buildings. Taking a trip to North Korea is a unique chance to understand better about the history of this country.

One of the must-see attractions in Pyongyang is the Arch of Triumph, which was built to commemorate the North Korean people's resistance movement against Japan invasion in the 20st century. You can also visit Victorious War Museum, which is located in capital city, known as the impressive History/Military Museum. Here you will learn more about the war between South Korea and North Korea and the separation of many families at the borders of these two countries.

Besides, visitors cannot miss symbolic highlights of North Korea such as Mansudae Fountain Park, Mansudae Grand Monument which consists of enormous bronze statues of the two leaders Kim II Sung and Kim Jong II, or Chollima Statue, Kim II Sung Square, Monument of Party's Foundation, etc…

North Korean food

Besides learning the cultures and the history of North Korea, culinary is also one of the aspects to truly help you immerse into what country has to offer. North Korean cuisine attracts you with the typical duck rot, Pansangi (the Royal meal board in Kaesong DMZ), kimchi, Bibimbap and rice dish. Last but not least, Ginseng with the label “Made in North Korea” is very delicious and tonic, that you should not forget to buy it for your relatives as a precious medical gift when you come back home.

Best time to visit North Korea

Spring and Autumn are considered the best time to take a trip to North Korea, as the weather is among the most ideal time of the year, with clear skies and mild weather. However, it is pretty cold at night and early in the morning, so remember to bring warm clothes. During autumn time, there is also a chance for you to take part in the Mass Game which is held to celebrate the Foundation Day of the country.

Your trip to North Korea will be more exciting when you choose the right tour operator. Asia Senses is proud to be your reliable companion during your visit to North Korea. We are concerned about not only your experience but also the cost of the trip to suit you best. What you are looking for from a trip to North Korea, we are able to deliver.