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by Nam Nguyen | Mar 27, 2020

Epic things to see in Mui Ne

Who would think that there is a desert by the sea? Yes, there is.

Mui Ne is a coastal town about 5 hours north of Ho Chi Minh City, it hides its own small piece of desert almost like from the Tales of 1001 Arabian Nights. This small coastal town is one of the best examples of how beautiful South East Asia can be, which draws in travelers from around the world to experience not only the beautiful sand dunes, but also other hidden gems as the Fairy Stream or the Phan Thiet Fishing Village. Let’s discover what to do in Mui Ne with Asia Senses.

Explore the white sand dunes by quad bike

As you know, there are 2 stunning pieces of a desert found in Mui Ne, red sand dunes and white sand dunes. However, the white sand dunes appear the bigger and the more elegant with their clean white sand are really beautiful. As Mui Ne is most famous for these oceanic wind-sculpted dunes, you can find perfect areas without any footprints on and the white sand dunes just seem to go on forever. If you are considering hiring a quad bike (ATV) to ride up and down their slopes, we can assure you the ride around the South Vietnamese coast is a great experience of itself. A quad bike will get you to the top of those huge sand dunes, giving you a thrilling spin through the sand, and offer you the chances to snap many perfect Instagram pics! You always have an option of walking but you don’t want to feel the heat on the burning sand.

Not to mention, the White Sand Dunes are the perfect place to watch the sunrise over the ocean. The setting sun highlights the glorious sand color, which is the most exhilarating experience and the highlight of the Mui Ne sand dunes tour!

Stroll through the Fairy Stream

Kick off the shoes and walk through a charming shallow stream leading through red and white sandy rocks. It’s a nice relaxing stroll through a unique environment. The colors mixed together of brown, red and yellow of limestones formation around you make for Instagram-worthy pictures. You may raise a question of what is the origin of the name "the Fairy Stream". In the old times, the older locals told stories to their kids about fairies who live on this stream. Apart from that, you will be definitely impressed by nature here when you get to the end of the stream, the natural set up looks like something from fairy tales.

If you have the energy, just head against the flow to enjoy this unusual and truly fairytailish attraction which is surrounded by beautiful cliffs. If not, you can stand at one cliff to see it from the above.

A small tip for you when preparing for your trip to Mui Ne is that the best time to visit is between November and March for optimum temperatures and great beach conditions. Asia Senses hopes you enjoyed reading this article .Happy Adventure!