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by Shiori Fukuoka | Jul 23, 2019

Experience 24 hours in Osaka with Asia Senses

"The foggy city, the city of water or the kitchen of Japan ..." are names when referring to Osaka - the third largest city in Japan.
So many people skip over Osaka beacause they do not dare to get off the beaten path. Osaka may not be as pretty as Kyoto or as exciting and bustling as Tokyo, but it’s still very much worth visiting. Let’s explore everything this incredible city has to offer with Asia Senses!
Located on Honshu Island, Osaka has a fascinating beauty between tradition and modernity. Especially in autumn, Osaka is a Japanese fascinating destination attracting thousands of international tourists. The city has Minoo National Park, which is covered with brilliant, beautiful foliages becomes a romantic, pictureque scene to many couples. However, the park is just the first point of our tour, Osaka has the following great experiences waiting for you to explore.

Deep-fried maple leaves: Go to Minoo National Park, in addition to immersing yourself to enjoy the autumn atmosphere, you will be enchanted by fancy crispy maple leaves - a unique local specialty. After enjoying, you will realize that the leaves is also a cuisine to Japanese people.

Kaiyukan Aquarium: Be one of the top aquarium parks in the world, Kaiyukan has more than 30,000 animals distributed in 15 different displayed. Following the tour around the aquarium, visitors have the opportunity to admire the diverse habitat of species on the Pacific rim. .

Hozenji Temple: As one of the smallest temples in Japan, Hozenji Temple will bring you many memorable experiences. In the middle of Osaka's bustling Namba shopping area, Hozenji Temple's peaceful space has a strange and different "silence". Do not forget to pray with respect attitude the legendary moss-covered Minh Vuong statue.

Local Osaka Cuisines: It is no coincidence that Osaka was dubbed the "Japanese kitchen". This land is famous for many classic delicacies that make everyone curious and have to try them like takoyaki, kushikatsu, okonomiyaki.

Shochikuza theater and craft beer: Shochikuza is the only kabuki theater in Osaka, specializing in performing this kind of unique traditional stage of Japan. Besides, the theater basement also serves Dotonbori craft beer - one of Osaka's first brewed beers. Here, people drink beer with tofu, a rare combination and different experience.

Shitennoji Temple: The first Buddhist temple in Japan founded by the government. Since it was built in 593, during the time when Buddhism was introduced, it was judged to be the oldest temple in the country. Despite wars and erosion from weather over the past 1,400 years, the Shitennoji Temple still remains the old architecture.

Osaka Castle: This brilliant "jewel" is one of the most important historical sites in Japan, which was built in the late 1500s by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who unified the country at that time. After many vicissitudes, the castle now become museum introducing regional history in the 16-17 century, which tourists can not miss when traveling to Osaka.

Above we have introduced you to some places that you should visit in Osaka. However, you must have a good companion to accompany you with great itinerary. Let’s discover the best things to do in Osaka with Asia Senses.