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by Dung Bui | Mar 29, 2020

Hoi An Travel Guide for Lunar New Year Holiday

The beginning of the year is often the time to go to a pagoda to pray for fortune, for money and for good luck all year. This article will get you a useful travel guide for Hoi An so that you can enjoy a Vietnamese Lunar New Year holiday.

Hoi An is used to be a high – profile South-East Asian trading port from the 15th to the 19th century, it seems like this town is left behind by the modern world and still sleeping in its ancient glorious slump. With the well-preserved ancient architecture, Hoi An makes you feel like you are coming back to Vietnam in hundreds of years ago. Hoi An is filled with quiet, gentle, tranquil atmosphere with lantern hang around streets, peaceful Hoai river, and Cau Pagoda heritage. It is a small town, so you had better spend around 1 to 2 days here.

Experiencing the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year with local Hoi An residents can be a memorable experience for international tourists. In comparison to normal days, the atmosphere in this small town becomes increasingly more bustling and vivid along with many cultural practices and traditional games taken place like Human Chess, Bai Choi, … which were once only seen in documentary film and childhood memories of local people.

It is obvious that lifestyle here has been changed in normal life in recent years. However, the way the local people prepare and celebrate the Lunar New Year has still remained the same. The town always held the Lunar New Year's activities in springtime to introduce its culture to everyone from all walks of life, including foreigners and domestic tourists. You might have a chance to join the making Sticky Rice Cake process and decorating the Kumquat/Peach blossom trees activity, celebrating Tet holiday festivals with local people here. If you haven't tried a piece of Chung Cake, you absolutely take this occasion to enjoy 4 indispensable kinds of traditional cakes that have been founded for a hundred years in Hoi An.

Besides Chung Cake or Giay Cake – 2 most important and influential cuisines to Vietnamese people, Hoi An has its own culinary menu for the festive season but contains the same meaning of gratefulness, commemoration of our ancestors, luckiness and satisfaction. That’s a reason why Hoi An is described as a unique location that you must spend time coming one time in your life! Most of the tourists hoped to come back Hoi An to welcome the New Year in the next time thank to its culture, New Year flavors and the residents' heart here.

The Lunar new year is coming in every corner, don’t postpone your plan on taking a trip to this beautiful town anymore! Package your luggage and rush to Asia Senses Travel’s office to book an early tour and get more gifts now!