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by Khuong Nguyen | Mar 27, 2020

Hoi An’s attractions that you can’t miss

Do you like small alleys, dreamy yellow buildings with twinkling lanterns, green rice paddies and deep blue oceans?

We suppose your answer is yes. If Hoi An is not the definition of vacation perfection, we can’t find any word to replace it. This little UNESCO World Heritage town is just the time traveling fairy-tale which almost every type of traveler loves and a lot of them stay a lot longer than they initially thought. So what makes this ancient town become attractive? This post is the best answer!

One poetry said: "The ancient town of Hoi An is the place that paintings are made of”. Hoi An is located on Vietnam’s central coast, just an hour away from Da Nang. This town is a blend of cultures. It used to be a major trading port of Vietnam between the 15th and 19th century, so the architecture and street layout in Hoi An were influenced by a variety of countries that traded there like the Dutch, Chinese, French, Japanese and Indians. It’d be easy to get lost in the reverie of this scene.

1. Explore the Old Town

The streets of the ancient town of Hoi An will take you back in time, which are lined with shops and cafes all painted in cheerful shades of yellow. Multi-colored lanterns sway in the breeze over, the smell of coriander from local dishes like cao lau and banh xeo floats around, classical music wafts from speakers and people lazily peddling along on bicycles or simply walking from place to place. At night, the magic of Hoi An’s lanterns come to life, especially during Full Moon Festival, when locals and tourists alike float lanterns down the river for luck.

The houses themselves host an array of coffee houses, there are little tea houses which reflect the Chinese influence, then others that are French inspired with balconies and cute shutters. Don’t hesitate to stop for a drink, you’ll not be disappointed!

2. Buy tailor-made clothes

The surprising thing is that if you’re not planning to go backpacking for a while, this could be something for you, and budget-friendly as well. From suits and dresses to shoes and bags, they seem to have it all. Don’t take this chance lapse to get some new travel clothes or occasion outfits for back home.

3. Visit My Son sanctuary

The UNESCO World Heritage site of My Son situated in the valley of a beautiful green forest is one of the largest Hindu temple complexes in South East Asia. Built around 800 AD, these ruins served as the political and cultural epicenter of the Champa Kingdom. Due to bombings on the site during the war against the Viet Cong, some parts of the temple were destroyed. So you can’t compare it to other well-maintained temple sites like Angkor Wat or Ayutthaya but a trip to the temples is still a nice way to spend half a day.

There are many more things awaiting you in Hoi An this summer. Contact Asia Senses now to receive information about our perfect Hoi An bucket list!