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by Nam Nguyen | Jul 23, 2019

How to enjoy 2019 Lunar New Year in Ho Chi Minh City like a local?

Tet, which is also called “Tet Nguyen Dan”, is considered as the most important celebration of Vietnamese culture.

The whole country is most vivid and cheerful during this time, and you don’t want to miss this chance to travel around and learn more about Vietnamese traditions. Especially in today’s article, Asia Senses will take you to Ho Chi Minh city – a bustling metropolis that attracts tourists not only in normal days but also in festive seasons. Here we go!
Now, imagine yourself as a local, what are you going to do to enjoy a perfect Tet holiday? The first place you should head for is the flower market. Before Tet, around 20th to 30th December (Vietnamese Lunar Calendar), flower markets around the city are crowded with people selling and buying a wide range of colorful flowers, like orchids, bonsai, apricots, peach blossom, kumquat trees,… these flowers are used for decorating their houses during the Tet holiday. In addition to the role as a décor, those trees symbolize "Integration, Sentimental Gathering and Aspiration" in accordance with the conception of Sai Gon people. It is such a big chance for any foreigner to visit Tet flower markets in Ho Chi Minh city and learn more about interesting local life at this biggest festival in Viet Nam. By the way, don’t forget to take electronic devices like smartphones, cameras, and video recorders along with you because you will have to capture a lot of memorable and brilliant moments of Tet in Sai Gon!
Like many places throughout the world, fireworks is spectacular display that is indispensable in the celebrating party to Vietnamese people. In the stroke of midnight on Lunar New Year’s Eve, Saigon people gather around to 7 locations that display annual firework:
- Thu Thiem Tunnel between district 1 and district 2
- Dam Sen Park in district 11, Cu Chi Tunnel in Cu Chi District
- Rung Sac Square in Can Gio
- Lang Le-Bau Co in Binh Chanh District
- The Nga Ba Giong Memorial in Hoc Mon
Joining the crowd and watching this 15 minutes magnificent firework show will be the best way to welcome 2019 Lunar New Year – the year of pigs.
After the New Year’Eve party, locals often visit temples and pagodas nearby their houses, praying for health, happiness, luckiness and prosperity, which seems like the traditional culture to Vietnamese people in general, and to Sai Gon people in particular. Buddhism plays a major role in the Vietnamese beliefs. Therefore, at the beginning of the year, pagodas are more crowded than ever, you will have a wonderful opportunity to take some memorable holiday images and enjoy the sacred atmosphere of transfer season between two lunar years!
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