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by Khuong Nguyen | Nov 21, 2018

How to get a North Korean Visa?

Do you know what Visa for DPRK (North Korea) looks like? Although the DPRK (North Korea) may be the most closed nation on earth, getting your North Korean visa through Asia Senses Travel is a simple process.

The information on this article covers the most common types of travel and reflects the Asia Senses Travel’s understanding of the rules currently in place. Unless otherwise stated, this information is applied for all travellers using a normal passport.

The authorities in the country or territory you’re travelling to are responsible for setting and enforcing the rules for entry. If you’re unclear about any aspect of the entry requirements, or you need further reassurance, you’ll need to contact us or the embassy, high commission or consulate of the DPRK in your country or your travelling country where is located with the DPRK embassy.
You should also consider checking with Asia Senses Travel to make sure your passport and other travel documents meet the requirements.

Visas for DPRK (North Korea)

You are required to have visa to enter North Korea. For further information contact the Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) in one of over 30 DPRK embassies located in the world. Asia Senses Travel can act on your behalf, exchanging with one of the DPRK Embassies in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and China to help you save time for the Visa process.

Passport validity

Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay. No additional period of validity beyond this is required.

Travelling with children

Single parents or other adults travelling alone with children should be aware that some countries need documentary evidence of parental responsibility before allowing lone parents to enter the country, or in some cases, before permitting the children to leave the country.

How to get a North Korea (DPRK) Visa

Firstly, you must join either a group tour or a private tour. All tourists to North Korea (DPRK) must be on an approved, guided tour organized by an authorized tour operator such as Asia Senses Travel. Independent travel to North Korea (DPRK) is not possible. It is not possible to organize your North Korean visa yourself.

After joining a tour, we handle the North Korea (DPRK) visa application process from start to finish. Everything we need can be conveniently given to us online, we never need your physical passport. Our listed tour prices include the North Korean visa fee and processing.

All we need from you is the following:

- A filled-out visa application form (subject to be downloaded online or given by email)
- A photocopy of your passport
- A passport-style photo (white background)

We lodge your North Korean visa application and once it is approved, your North Korean visa will be issued on a separate paper card, or inside your passport. We collect this on your behalf at one of the DPRK embassies/consulates in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and China. You receive the paper card or Visas back at our meeting point on the day of your tour departure. You’re ready to go!