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by Tran Thu Ha | Nov 23, 2018

How to visit North Korea from Beijing?

North Korea, also known as DPRK, is one of the most mysterious countries in the world. In this article, we will provide you with essential information on how to visit North Korea from Beijing, one of the most popular gateway.
When North Korea decided to open the door to welcome more tourists, it has immediately became the "hot" destination in Asia. However, traveling to North Korean is not as easy and convenient as many other countries because some of the regulations are quite complicated.

To be able to visit North Korea, you have to get the North Korea Visa. However, the Visa is only granted once you can prove that you have booked a tour to North Korea with a North Korea state travel agency such as Asia Senses. Moreover, China and Russia are the only 2 countries that you can transit or take the direct flights/trains to North Korea.
Amongst the starting points for your North Korea tour from China and Russia, Beijing is likely to be the most popular gateway. So how do you visit North Korea from Bejing?

1. Select a tour

You choose a tour operator that organizes tours to North Korea such as Asian Senses, select the appropriate tour program. Our base tour packages include transport between Beijing and Pyongyang by flight or by train with transfer at Dandong (soft-sleeper, four-beds per cabin), accommodation in North Korea, meals, and entry fees. Often these tours will be organized for groups of visitors and a 30% deposit or prepayment is required. The rest of tour costs should be settled in cash (Euro, Chinese Renminbi, US Dollars) upon your arrival in Pyongyang to our local guides.

2. Complete Visa application form

After the deposit is made, we will provide you with a form in which you can fill in with personal information, added with the passport copy and portrait photo (white background). Asia Senses Travel will then apply for a North Korean visa and give it to you at the start of your journey in Beijing, China.

3. Buy air ticket to Beijing

The price of a North Korean tour usually does not cover the cost of your flight to China, which is usually only round-trip tickets from Beijing (or Shanghai) to Pyongyang. Pre-departure costs from China are paid by the tourists. However, the travel agency will also help you to book air tickets or hotel rooms.

4. Apply for Chinese Visa

Applying the Chinese Visa is at your own account but a North Korean tour company like Asia Senses Travel can always support with information needed.

If you are just transiting in Beijing, China in short term before flying to North Korea, you can get the 72-hour Visa free transit. This is applicable for the citizens from up to 51 countries. The requirements are quite rigid so please be sure you meet them and feel free to ask us about it. If you are using the train, you will need a Chinese visa, transits do not apply to overland entries or exits.

If you are to travel in China longer than 3 days, or commute to other cities beside Beijing, the Chinese Visa is required. You will then need to prepare the documents to complete the procedures. You had better apply for a 3-month Chinese Visa, allowing you to enter the country twice with each entry of no more than 30 day stay.

5. Depart for North Korea and start the trip

When all the items above are ready, you can rest relaxed before departure to North Korea. Depending on the North Korea tour packages and prices you have opted for, you will fly directly from Beijing to Pyongyang, or take the Beijing - Pyongyang train (with transit in Dandong).

Over the years with practical experience to arrange tours to North Korea and Asia, the travel specialists of Asia Senses Travel are always available to help design a tailored tour itinerary and package for you, which is based on your budget and preferences. We offer diverse packages and high quality services to comfort you.