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by | Jan 10, 2019

Ideas for your 2019 Tet holiday’s trip

The Lunar New Year is coming and many people are busy preparing Tet’s items like sticky rice cakes, kumquat trees, red couplet, etc… to decorate our warming homes. However, other people choose this rare free time to chillax in other countries with no bustling, busy working. And how about you? Today's article introduces you some destinations to refresh yourself after a hard-working year!
Chiang Mai (Thai Lan)
It only takes you less than an hour to fly from Saigon to this place which has been called "Northern Rose". Chiang Mai has cool weather, fresh air, many beautiful café, luxurious resorts and a variety kinds of food ... which makes Chiang Mani become a popular tourist city in Thailand. Travel to Chiang Mai, you not only join the thrilling games such as zip line, kayaking, climbing bamboo raft along the river ... but also have a chance to join cooking, meditation, yoga short-term courses that help you stay away from all the hustle of normal life.

Destinations in your Chiang Mai’s itinerary can be named: Doi Suthep, the sacred temple Wat Phrathat, tree café The Giant, the famous White Pagoda in Chiang Rai, the cactus nursery Botanic Garden or Pha Chor - a miniature version of the American Grand Canyon, the art village of Baan Kang Wat, the sea of clouds floating in Huay Nam Dang ... That ‘s so amazing trip if you have time to explore the beauty of nature and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere here.

Boracay (Philippines)
Boracay is ranked as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Asia and No. 2 in the top 25 most beautiful beaches in the world, is that enough to convince you to come Philippines's heaven this spring? Blue sea, perfect accommodation and restaurant services, hospitable people - that's all make Boracay perfect in the eyes of many travelers.

From Vietnam, you will fly to Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, then take the next flight to Boracay. Boracay has two long beaches, the east coast is called Bulabog and the west coast is White Beach. White Beach is divided into 3 stations: Station 1, 3 is the area for high - profiles resorts, station 2 is a more affordable resort, hotel but crowded and bustling.

Traveling to Boracay, you will have a chance to join a lot of exciting sea games with your family and friends like skydiving, sailing, diving, snorkeling ... Or maybe choose yourself to sit and relax under the canopy of a coconut tree with velvety white sand, gentle coconut lining around the coast. Surely this will make you comfortable and refreshing after a busy, hard – working year. The paradise of the Philippines - Boracay promises to be an attractive Tet destination for many Vietnamese tourists.

Koh Rong (Cambodia)
Koh Rong is an island voted by NewYork Times as one of 45 places worth visiting in 2012 and was named "Hawaii of Asia". The journey to this island will give you a completely new experience. At the island, visitors will be immersed in the clear water, enjoy the lively buffet on the yacht and immerse in the wild but romantic nature of "Hawaii Asia". Koh Rong Island attracts tourists by its rich marine ecosystem. This is a tranquil beautiful place which is suitable for those who like to discover the wild beauty and mystery of nature.

And one more thing we wanna say is that it’s really an honor for Asia Senses to serve you in this holiday time. We hope that you have a great vacation with your family and friends, so we are willing to design perfect tours and accompany you during this Lunar New Year. Happy New Year!