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by Ray Loh | Jul 23, 2019

Interesting points when you welcome 2019 Lunar New Year in Singapore

The Lunar New Year is the most important event of the year, a special holiday that kicked off a new year full of luck and happiness for Asians. Similar to Vietnam, Singapore is also one of the places with many interesting traditional Chinese New Year festivals that make visitors interested in.

Now let's join Asia Senses’online tour to discover the attractions of the Lunar New Year in this beautiful island nation!

The unique Tet festivals in Singapore

River Hongbao Event

Hongbao, which is also known as luck money in Chinese name, bring fortune to everyone who receives it. In the middle of February, at the floating stage on Marina Bay and the Esplanade Theater, the famous River Hongbao event will take place. River Hongbao is the lucky money festival which has been held since 1987. The symbolic image of this occasion is God of Wealth with 12 mascots decorated sophisticatedly and elaborately, representing the affluence and fortune during a year. In addition, River Hongbao is also the night of the unique art fireworks show, with effects from sound, light, the most modern music, lighting the sky of Marina Bay to welcome moments at the beginning of the year.

Flower garlands and colored lanterns in Chinatown:
In the early days of the year, the vast Chinese town will be decorated with sparkling flower lights and uproarious with the sound of drums, parades, and lion dance bringing bustling and exciting atmosphere. The interesting thing is that you will easily catch images of the mascot symbolizing that lunar year. That is extremely similar to Vietnamese tradition, isn’t it? Traveling to Singapore in this Lunar New Year, you will have a lot of beautiful and glorious photos at this Chinatown.
Coming to this flower garlands and colored lanterns festival, visitors are mesmerized by the colorful scenery of lanterns, the charming fragrance from the traditional Chinese delicacies vendors. Moreover, you will have a chance to enjoy the bustling festive atmosphere from the traditional lion dance troupes, professional singers and dancers’ performance at Kreta Aver square, bringing a colorful, exciting and cheerful mood to everyone here.

Chinagay street carnival
Organized for the first time in 1973 and created a great reputation in the world, Chingay has always been one of the festivals receiving the most enthusiastic response of all Singaporeans. In New Year's time, there are marches across large streets along the Marina port area which looks like a carnival in Latin American countries with colorful, technicolor costumes, they perform folk dance, street magic show and other countries' traditional dance like Mexican dance, Russian dance. The cheering of everyone whenever the parade goes by makes the atmosphere become crazier and more bustling than ever.

Singapore’s Tet traditional cuisine
If you have a chance to travel to Singapore this spring, you must enjoy the traditional delicacies of Singaporean. One of the most important and popular cuisines that you don't forget to try on this trip is Yumcha. In the early day of the new year, it is indispensable to have this gentle breakfast dish Yumcha which has a lucky meaning in addition to the dimsum dishes like: dumplings, rolls, cakes, meatballs, ... It is not only made by the fresh material comes from nature but also created with the color and name that make people believe in a year of good luck and prosperity.

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