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by Shiori Fukuoka | Jul 23, 2019

Japan Tour: Nagoya Travel guide

If you are planning a trip to Japan and are looking to cross out most of the bucket list, then base yourself in Nagoya.
Nagoya is often passed over by tourists rushing from one major city to the next like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka even though it has many great places to discover. This capital of Aichi prefecture the fourth most populated city in Japan and to be honest 100%, Nagoya is the perfect stopover destination if you want to get some peace between the loud cities. This post will show you the reasons why you should include Nagoya in your next trip to Japan and give it some attention it deserves. Stay tuned and check it out!
Nagoya Castle: Our tourists once came to Nagoya said that: “If you only have time to see one thing in Nagoya, let it be the Castle”. For good reason, Nagoya Castle is truly a gem of this city and one of the Japanese castle which was titled as National Treasure in 1930. Here you will learn the history of the city through artifacts on each floor of the castle. Besides, if you visit Nagoya on weekends, you will have a chance to enjoy regularly scheduled samurai performances held in the castle ground. Maybe, let’s take photos with a samurai or a ninja in this once in blue moon chance.
Atsuta Shrine: It is one of the top sacred Shinto shrines not just in Nagoya but all of Japan,The temple includes a worship center and display areas. Atsuta Temple is holding one of the Three Sacred National Treasures, the Kusanagi no Tsurugai sword. Atsuta Shrine becomes very busy at New Year’s when Japanese people from all over the area head to the temple to pray for the New Year blessing.
Osu Kannon and shopping district: This large red Buddhist temple and funky shops on the two sides of the covered street is the must-seeing destination following Nagoya Castle and Atsuta Shrine. Coming here, you will be able to pick up souvenirs, electronics, shoes, clothes, snacks ... There is also a large statue of the Japanese maneki neko and don’t miss the chance to take a picture with this cute symbol of luck.
Sakae and Oasis 21: Sakae is downtown district in Nagoya. It has all good items ranging from mid-priced clothing to foreign brands shop like H&M. Nearby is Hisayaodori park, which is often used to hold weekend festivals like Thai festival, Christmas festival, a Brazilian festival, and beer festivals. Walking through the lines of green tree in this park, you will see Nagoya City TV Tower, which looks like Tokyo Tower in some aspects but it’s smaller.

Oasis 21 is a bus stop with a unique shape of a large ellipse architecture. Oasis 21 includes an underground area of a shopping floor, a bus stop and a ground area with a wide lawn. The ellipse section of Oasis 21 makes it look like a "spaceship" attracting people with sparkling LED lights every night.
One more reminder: The weather of Nagoya features four distinct seasons, but Spring and Autumn are the time when almost every tourist choose to come here because of the cool weather, fresh air and natural blooming scenes.
Let we know if you are interested in Nagoya after reading this post. And if you’re looking for more things to do or how to get there, contact Asia Senses to receive the best travel services from us.
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