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by Nam Nguyen | Mar 27, 2020

One day trip to Mui Ne

Continuing the previous post, we talked about Mui Ne which you may easily fall in love at first sight with the white sand dunes and fairy stream canyon.

But that's is not a complete Mui Ne itinerary. There are other hidden gems as the Phan Thiet Fishing Village, the Buddhist Temple and the crystal clear beach that make this lovely town worth visiting. Let's check in those destinations with Asia Senses to complete our journey to this South East Asian town.

Phan Thiet fishing village

Trust us, you will regret if you don’t visit the fishing village in Mui Ne just one time. You will get closer to a beautiful stretch of coastline and what appears to be hundreds of brightly colored fishing boats in the water. If you arrive early in the morning, you can witness the daily life for locals who live in the area. That said, when the sun rises, the round-shaped boats (coracles) come back to the landscape after a hard-working night on the sea filled up with fishes, crabs and other sea creature. Each person has a significant job. The fishermen are working on their tools and fixing the net while the women in classic Vietnamese conical hats are sorting out the catches which will be sold off immediately in the market. It is an amazing insight into the daily life for locals, the beauty of sunrise and the raw scent of the sea here.

On the other hand, trying to ride Vietnamese traditional fisherman boats is a unique experience. You may think that the round-shaped boats are difficult to move forward and control, but with the help of fishermen and locals here, this chance will blow your mind.

The Po Shanu Cham Towers

The Po Shanu Cham Towers are one of the last remaining symbols of the Champa Empire which was built in the honor of Hindu Gods. These ancient ruins have been here since the 9th century and are still used for religious purposes up to now. There are two towers that both offer a beautiful view of the local area and the coastline below as they were built on the Ong Hoang hill and measured over 15 meters high. If you once visited Hoi An, you will realize that the Po Shanu Cham Towers looks similar to the My Son Ruins but the area is not as large or impressive as My Son.

On the way back into town, be sure to stop at the Ong Dia Cape where you can shop fresh fruits, vegetables, and other local products.

The beach

Known for having beautiful and serene palm tree lined sandy beaches, Mui Ne peninsula offers you beautiful beaches further afield and popular places for kiteboarding. A quiet beach right next to the Ong Dia Cape is wide and clean, ideal for lounging or swimming while enjoying the pretty kites flying across the ocean. Even further north, closer to the Fairy Stream, you’ll find miles of beautiful beach and very few other people. Lounging on the secluded beach, sipping cocktails and reading a good book under the shade of palm trees. How tranquil this place is!

There is a lot more to do if you have time for. Let Asia Senses know if you are interested in this post and check out our travel resource below.