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by Tom Jittipon | Mar 27, 2020

Phuket island hopping itinerary

Pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, exotic wildlife, delicious cuisine, lush rainforests, crazy nightlife and other-worldly rock structures… Phuket is truly a paradise!

Phuket, the largest island in Thailand, is frequently voted the best destination to relax and enjoy your vacations. When compared to many other more expensive and celebrated beach destinations across the globe, Phuket seems to be the ideal one that offers various exciting but affordable activities. If you are planning a trip to Thailand, you are probably at least thinking about heading to Phuket to venture off the regular tourist trail and find little slices of paradise.

Skipping out on visiting the busy tourist beaches of Karon, Patong, and Kata instead, driving around in search of islands off of Phuket’s coast - island hopping is an exciting and fun experience for the avid traveler. From the Gulf Coast on the South East to the Andaman Coast on the South West coast of Thailand, there is a multitude of great options to meet your desires but Island hopping will give you some off beaten path experience.

1. Similan

Start your trip at dawn the next morning for a sunrise cruise to the Similan - the relatively uncivilized island which is well worth the wait. The most turquoise crystal clear water with perfect white sand beaches almost like a mirror, and several exciting activities to participate in. You can have a walk along the coast, snorkel, dive to some of the most beautiful sites on the island to explore the abundant marine life like the golden eel, pufferfish, bumpheads and the others.

2. Koh Yao Noi

The best way to explore Koh Yao Noi is on a scooter, a bicycle or a boat ride. The island, close to Koh Yao Yai is still underdeveloped compared to modern standards, it was still just a short one kilometer long stretch of beach which was lined with small hotels and a number of bars and restaurants. However, you can find the typical street food stalls selling meat on sticks or banana roti, restaurants and cafes, and the largest village on the island are bustling every time. There is just one main road circling the island, so no need for a map, just circle around yourself, came across rubber plantations, jungles, water buffaloes bathing shoulder deep in mud puddles and munching grass on the side of the road…. All createa a quiet and peaceful atmosphere covering the island.

3. Koh Phi Phi

You can only describe Koh Phi Phi in one word: Paradise. It takes you only 30 minutes to reach soft white sand with the most amazing backdrop by ferry from Phuket. The islands of Koh Phi Phi are more populated than some of the other islands off of the coast of Thailand where shops and hotels with the best views and scenery of any of the South West islands will make your island hopping experience even better. As island hoppers are on a large island, naturally, underwater activities are a must. We recommend you should snorkel in Ao Toh Ko which is rumored to be a popular place to spot pods of dolphins, the bioluminescent planktons and reef sharks.

There is more to do in Phuket than just sunbathing and swimming and you will feel one week is not long enough to enjoy the beauty of these islands. Peaceful relaxation awaits you in Asia Senses.