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by Tran Thu Ha | Apr 01, 2020

Sapa - winter heaven of Vietnam

Many people struggle to choose a suitable place for their winter holiday for their families or with spouses and friends in this winter. While other travel agencies may introduce you foreign destinations like Quebec (Canada), Norway, we suggest a holiday in Vietnam where Sapa stands atop the best place in Asia Senses Travel‘s list-to-go.
At an altitude of 1,600m above sea level, Sapa is like a Da Lat in the Northwest of Viet Nam. With a cool climate throughout the year, Sapa is always on the top list of must-visit destinations of many tourists. In winter, the town is often covered with fog and wind, the temperature is usually below from 0-5 degrees Celsius. For many years, Sapa is one of the places in Vietnam where visitors can enjoy a full winter of chilly trees and hills covered with glaciers and white snow, which makes you feel like in a fairy tales.

Sapa is the foggy city all year round. But in winter, dew becomes thicker, making the scene more and more mysterious. Dew lays by the pine trees along the road, flies lightly on the terraced fields... Winter in Sapa is cold, sometimes the temperature drops sharply, making ice and snow overwhelm branches and grass. When traveling to Sapa, you will feel like living in Europe with beautiful landscapes. The village is immersed in silver gray tone, the colors of brocade highlights in the mist ... That is a scene of sad color but not lack of poetry.

There are many villages where you can accommodate with indigenous people such as Cat Cat, Lao Chai, Ta Van. In these places, visitors are not only ecstatic by the natural beauty of the Northwest mountains but also given the chance to explore the beauty of local cultures, customs and traditions of the H'mong, Dao ethnic people. In addition, visitors can see more fascinating snow in many surrounding areas such as Heaven Gate, Silver Waterfall, Hoang Lien Son Mountain, O Quy Ho or you might go further into the territory of Y Ty Commune, Bat Xat District, Lao Cai.

Although it is cold and dewy but the Sapa market is still very uproarious. In the roads to markets, there are many H'Mong, Red Dao, Giay ethnic people with many colorful costumes. Visitors not only buy brocade for souvenirs but also enjoy the famous “thang co” cuisine of Sapa. Especially, in Saturday evening, you also get opportunity to attend the “Love” market (Cho Tinh) - a unique culture of the Red Dao ethnic group.

Enjoying the beauty of Sapa in winter with full of fog, seeing the white snowflakes, attending the highland market will definitely be a wonderful experience for every tourist when traveling to Sapa in cold season. Asia Senses Travel has strong confidence to have ability to make a trip to Sapa for you with fun and memorable experiences. Do not hesitate to contact us any time you have an idea to go on holiday in Sapa.