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by Nam Nguyen | Mar 29, 2020

Sapa – Small Switzerland in Vietnam

Located in the northwest of the S-shaped country, Sapa is a place having many wonders of natural and human landscapes.

It is a cloudy town on the top of a highland district of Lao Cai province, which is modest, peaceful but full of great mountainous landscape hiding many wonders of the natural scene.

The natural scenery of Sapa is a combination between the creativity of human beings and the topography of hills, green forests. This painting is arranged in a layout of harmony which creates an area with lots of scenery. As being located at an average altitude of 1,500m - 1,800m, Sapa climate is cool with an average temperature of 15-18°C. At the end of the year, when winter comes, the temperature here can drop below 0°C, resulting in amazing natural phenomena in a Southeast Asia country - snow.

Traveling to Sapa, visitors will have the opportunity to conquer the famous Fansipan peak or take a trip to the local villages hidden in the vague mist. The scenery of mountains and forests with hundreds of flowers blooming, the terraced fields of golden ripe rice, unique markets and festivals will surely delight tourists when they arrive here.

Usually, ethnic minorities cultivate rice in terraced fields from April to May. This is also the blooming season of many beautiful kinds of flower. The rice cultivation scene is very idyllic, farmers lining up to head for the paddy fields, the buffaloes quietly sọaking themselves into the lakes, the children playing with crafted toys and kites.

The period from September to October is the ripe rice season, and Sapa wears a new coat of color - shiny yellow throughout the hills. From December to February, the weather here becomes very cold as winter comes and the temperature in Sapa can drop below 0°C. This is also the blooming season of peach blossom. All Sapa's corners are covered with the pink color. What a romantic atmosphere!

Thus, the cool air and beautiful wild landscape are factors that help Sapa become a famous resort in Northern Vietnam. Here, visitors can conquer Phan Si Pang peak of Hoang Lien Son range, admire Ham Rong flower garden and explore Muong Hoa valley, enjoy the beauty of Thac Bac - Waterfall Love, Cong Troi - Sky gate, Dinh Hoang A Tuong, Coc San...

Traveling to Sapa, visitors should not miss the opportunity to visit the village of the Black H'mong (Lao Chai) and Giay (Ta Van) or walk to Ta Phin to learn about the daily life of Red Dao and Black H'mong villages. Here, visitors not only see unique pictures but also have the chance to talk with local people to understand the differences in their traditional culture. There are also opportunities to participate in unique festivals of ethnic minorities which characterize the culture of each ethnic minority in strange and extremely interesting ways.

Sapa is truly a place worth experiencing, is the ideal choice for those who want to find a place to "hide" the bustle and hustle of daily life. Don’t forget to travel with Asia Senses Travel to immerse yourself in heaven beautiful and majestic, feeling a slow and peaceful life!