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by Khuong Nguyen | Sep 02, 2019

Second border for Myanmar-India crossing opens

Myanmar and India have recently opened the second border check post between 2 neighbouring countries, a reflection of their growing closeness with each others. Apart from boosting the trade developments, this (opening) also provides travelers another choice when crossing via Myanmar overland.
The two countries have recently signed border crossing agreements that will allow tourists and overlanders to pass through Rikhawdar (Myanmar side) and Zokhawthar (India side). This makes it the second option for those who make Myanmar border crossing tours, after the current border checkpoints at Tamu and Moreh (which leads to Imphal). It is expected a rise in the number of travellers crossing through two borders between India and Myanmar in upcoming time.
The first gate located in upper Sagaing region and the second in Falam district in Chin state in Myanmar side, whereas the gates belong to Manipur and Mizoram states in India.
The cross-border travel allowance agreement was among the seven pacts signed between the two countries during the visit of Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to Myanmar. She met with President U Win Myint and State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

The border agreement will allow citizens of the two countries and third country travellers to cross the borders between Myanmar and India through the two gates by obtaining Visa and E-visa permit.
“The caravan tours from India entering via the gate in the beautiful Chin state can visit the heart-shaped Rih Lake”
After crossing the Zokhawthar border to enter Myanmar via Rinkhawdar border, there is a chance to see Rih Lake (or Rih Dil), a natural lake located in northwestern Chin State (in Myanmar/Burma). The lake is about one mile in length and half a mile in width. It is about 3 miles in its circumference and the depth is about 60 feet. It has a heart-shaped outline. The name is derived from a Mizo folktale of Rih-i. Rih-i had a younger sister who was murdered by her father upon the order of their stepmother. Rih-i's sister was resurrected with the help of a spirit. With the same magical spell Rih-i turned herself into a water body that became the lake.

Rih Dil occupied an important status in the traditional religion of the Mizo people. According to the ancestors of the tribals, it was a corridor to their heaven called Pialral. All souls destined to Pialral must pass through the lake. Due to its cultural importance it is often said 'the largest lake in Mizoram is Rih Dil, but is in Burma.
The official said the recent signed border crossing agreement would further increase the traffic as it will spur border trading, aside from tourism.

In the meantime, Muse – Ruili, a border crossing point between China and Myanmar - used to be a very busy border crossing hot spot but the activity in the area slowed down last year. This was because Myanmar government banned people from third country to cross the border due to security reasons.

Source: MM Times