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by | Feb 20, 2019

Siargao – the natural beauty of Philipines

As the Philippines is home to more than 7000 islands, coming up with a travel itinerary can be hard.
There’s so many of the Philipines to explore that narrowing down a list of a few places seems almost impossible. Each island group in the Philippines is blessed with several attractions, bountiful nature which encourage travelers to connect with the environment peacefully. Whether you’re into macro photography or keen on spotting underwater animals, you’re sure to be spoiled for the choice in Siargao.

Siargao is a great first destination for your Philippines itinerary, as it’s not only home to some great nature but is also the country’s best surf spot. With this itinerary we draw, you’ll see the best and most beautiful spots on Siargao. This island has great snorkeling options, and island hopping excursions including the famous Sugba Lagoon.

Sugba Lagoon is located on Caob Island, a short 20-minute boat ride from Del Carmen, which is considered as a beautiful blue lagoon that is located just off the coast of Siargao Island offering everything from paddleboarding, an epic diving board, and even a little restaurant. On the way to Sugba Lagoon, don’t forget to visit Kawhagan Beach, where the sandbar is long and wide and has a slight hint of pink, the beach is lined with beautiful palm trees with shells around the base. Moreover, mangroves and limestones will surely impress you with absolutely breathtaking views. Once you reach the lagoon, you can pull up into the crystal clear waters, or just go snorkeling with the stingless jellyfish. There is a floating pontoon house in the middle of Sugba Lagoon which is a safe place to leave your bags and enjoy swimming. Moreover, swimming, snorkeling are not the only points of interest at Sugba Lagoon, there are still a number of other water activities to try. You may have a chance to throw yourself off the diving board into Sugba Lagoon, rent out kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and bamboo rafts for as little as 300 pesos per hour. However, there is no food or beverage available to buy at Sugba Lagoon so make sure to pack a lunch before heading over from Siargao.

There is no doubt when it said that one of the most unique experiences you can have in the Philippines, and possibly the world, is in Coron. Located in the province of Palawan, Coron is where you will find those dragon-esque landscape rock formations that penetrate the skies and turquoise lagoons below them. Coron is home to some of the best wreck diving in the world due to a large number of sunken Japanese vessels all within a 20-minute boat ride of the main town. There is nothing like the feeling of standing on a jetty, knowing that you have at least a dozen huge wartime vessels lying under the seabed. Each wreck has its own unique characteristics, but in general, they are big, mostly intact, within reasonable diving depth and full of amazing artifacts.

Asia Senses hopes this helped you put together an itinerary and figure out where to go in the Philippines, but please feel free to ask any questions you have on this website or contact us!