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by Tran Thu Ha | Dec 09, 2018

Some essential tips you should know before visiting China

China is considered as the cradle of human civilization, attracting millions of tourists each year.
However, to ensure your safest and most comfortable trip to China, visitors should pay attention to the following notes.

1. Winter:
Stretching on nearly 10 million square kilometers, China has a diverse and even complex climate. It is divided into 4 distinct seasons, the winter in this country lasts from November to January, the temperature is sometimes below 0 degrees C. Because the weather is harsh so tourists often avoid traveling China at this time, otherwise, tourists must thoroughly prepare warm clothes for the winter, to ensure warm enough during the journey. Specifically, that is:
  • Cloak
  • Long pants
  • Some pairs of shock.
  • High collar shoes.
  • Scarves, gloves, mittens, jackets
Chengdu is one of the best destinations in China when spring comes. Arriving here, tourists will enjoy the best time of the ecological paradise like Cuu Trau, Pure Land Buddhism Emei Mount. Chengdu’s cuisine is also recognized by UNESCO as the city having many delicious cuisines in the world (after Popayan of Colombia).

2. Spring:
Spring in China begins in February, lasts until April, temperatures from 10 to about 15 degrees, warm and fresh, fresh green grass. This is an ideal time for your excursions. Due to the mild weather, your luggage should carry the following items:
  • Clothes as comfortable as possible (such as t-shirts, jeans).
  • Sports shoes to keep your feet comfortable during the trip, and high heels are not recommended.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen (accessory to take pictures in sunny weather) is indispensable accessories
  • Light jacket, because the weather changes suddenly, it will be cold.
  • Backpack for taking along accessories
3. Summer:
Summer in China lasts from May to August, it is hotter with temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius. This is the time for those who love to explore areas like Tibet, Mongolia. You are suggested to visit the mountainous region because summer here is usually warm and easy to go, which is suitable for a picnic with friends and family.. You will experience the feeling of free riding on the prairie, listening to the voice of the nomadic people, watching the vast blue sky. For the most exciting summer experience in China, you should prepare the following items:
  • Jeans, shorts
  • Cotton t-shirt to easily sweat (sunny weather makes you sweat pretty much)
  • Sunscreen jacket, umbrella
  • Sunscreen cream, sunglasses
  • Sports shoes.
4. Autumn
Compared to the seasons of the year, autumn in China has its own charm. Not only the weather is pleasant with the average temperature of about 22 to 28 degrees C, but also there are many festivals, especially the Mid-Autumn Festival. Visitors will have a chance to experience one of the largest Chinese festivals of the year. Autumn here is quite similar to Vietnam. There are many places you can travel to China during this time. In autumn, you need:
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Sports shoes
  • Outer jacket
Asia Senses thinks that time to take a trip to China will no longer be the issue if you have already had a great trip plan. With a staff of experienced travelers, we will design for you a meaningful and unforgettable tour which is based on your own preferences!