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by Tran Thu Ha | Dec 26, 2018

Spend your 2019 Tet holidays in China, why not?

Chinese Lunar New Year has a lot of similar cultural features in the Tet holidays with Vietnam. If you are a person who would love to travel during Tet but you do not want to miss the traditional our new year culture, China is a suitable place for your itinerary.
Traditional Chinese New Year is the most important holiday of the year. Starting from December 8 in the lunar calendar, all Chinese people around the world rush to go home to reunite and celebrate Tet with their families. They gather together to make delicious dishes to worship their ancestors during the New Year festival. Lunar New Year in China lasts until the end of the 15th day of the lunar calendar.

In the new year, children and the elderly are often given lucky money, which is in red bags and symbolize luck. People often buy peach branches to decorate their home because they think that peach trees bloom to symbolize fortune. Each year in a Chinese calendar that corresponds to an animal, and in any animal's year, people usually avoid eating that one at the beginning of the year. In addition, China has the custom of burning firecrackers to evict demons and bad luck.

Chinese New Year's menu is mostly cakes. It is worth noting that there is Nian Gao cake which is made from fine sticky rice with sugar and a little fresh ginger. In Chinese, "Gao" is cake, "Nian" is sticky, people use this cake with the wish that family members always stick together sustainably. Moreover, this cake also symbolizes the prosperity, the progress. Those are everyone's wishes in the new year. Among Chinese traditional pastries, Nian Gao is probably the largest, especially popular in the New Year. This cake is indispensable in traditional Chinese trays. Nian Gao cake is also a popular gift for the New Year.

In the capital of Beijing at the time of Tet, all the streets and ancient houses are decorated with bright red lanterns, couplets, kumquat pots ... The large parks and shrines are jubilantly burning spring fireworks, performing dragon monks and fun folk games. When coming to the ancient capital of Beijing, you should visit Ancient Palace (Co Cung) - royal palace of 13 Chinese dynasties, discover the magic of Vong Am Bich wall, witness the mighty beauty of the Great Wall and enjoy the famous cuisines of Beijing.

Shanghai is considered a friendly destination for those who want to learn about the Lunar new year traditions that date back to centuries. On Tet holiday, local people often come to see the brilliant lanterns at the Yu Yu Garden, ring the bell, burn incense at the temple to worship Thanh Hoang, visit Long Hoa pagoda to pray for good health and have a walk on Nanjing Street,...

If coming to Hangzhou at this time, visitors will have a chance to join the traditional food festival on the street in Tangqi Town, Hangzhou City, in the east of China. This is the area where traditional bustling Chinese New Year activities take place.

Only 1 month left until the Lunar New Year comes, let’s quickly choose the appropriate schedules for you and your family to enjoy the Tet atmosphere in China. Asia Senses is always ready to serve you and give you the full experience in China’s new year.