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by Khuong Nguyen | Jul 23, 2019

Tet holidays in Ha Noi – A new experience for you to explore.

Situated in the north of Vietnam, Hanoi is the country's most popular travel destination. It is not too difficult to understand why travelers favor Hanoi since the capital city is regarded as a cradle of more than a thousand years of cultural heritage.
Are you in Ha Noi – capital of Viet Nam right now? Well, you are so smart travelers when choosing this special time to visit the city of combination between modernity and antiquity. Lunar New Year is coming in every corner in Ha Noi, take a look at some interesting things we are about showing you right now that make you fall in love with Viet Nam's capital!

Tet, shortened from Tet Nguyen Dan, is a time of national holiday and truly marks the end of a year and the beginning of a new one according to Vietnamese Lunar Calendar. This is definitely the most important celebration to all Vietnamese people when you can explore Hanoian traditions that lie deep inside the soul of the city. Everyone is in a very festive spirit and the streets are filled with flowers.

The most bustling place before Tet might be the Old Quarters, especially Hang Ma street. Once you get lost in Old Quarters, you will get the feeling of being stuck in a strange wonderland where the shops lining the roads sell ornaments for Tet, crowds of people flock to the street to purchase votive objects and lanterns, red couplets, calligraphy pictures, red envelopes, firecrackers… for worship and decoration. Ha Noi really feels alive and colorful in that time. You may see many foreigners in crowded places buying all stuff to enjoy Tet holiday like locals. That's true, our foreign tourists said that they prefer to welcome Lunar New Year in Viet Nam like a Vietnamese to know more about Oriental culture. So, don't forget to visit Hang Ma antique Street to take part in the trade with hustling and bustling atmosphere in Ha Noi.

When Spring arrives and Tet is close, Ha Noi is filled with vibrant colors of roses, auspicious flowers, chrysanthemums, peach blossom, Dahlia flowers,… which makes the metropolis look like a gentle, elegant girl. Quang Ba flower market, which is located in Tay Ho District, is listed among best places to celebrate Lunar New Year by CNN channel. They said that "While most will go to any lengths to get home to see the family, for some it's a chance to travel if only to get away from nagging relatives and red packet-hungry colleagues and friends”. Quang Ba flower market is one of these perfect escapes. This is a suitable place for the young take photos with glorious flowers.
Last but not least, in the stroke of midnight (30th December in Lunar calendar), the fireworks performance will be taken place across the capital. There are some locations that have a good view to see the spectacular and brilliant night sky in Ha Noi: Thong Nhat Park, Lac Long Quan flower garden, Hoan Kiem Lake, Van Quan Lake. This is such a sacred moment of transfer between 2 years that many couples desire to enjoy together and give hope of love to each other.
There are a lot more we cannot tell you all, yet you must explore them yourself. Asia Senses believes that a package tour definitely brings you mind-blowing experiences as well as deepen your knowledge of Hanoian cultures and traditions.