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by Kim Hyon-ju | Jul 21, 2019

The best time to visit North Korea

The mystery and rich cultural tradition of North Korea (DPRK) are the main factors that have attracted tourists. Many come to North Korea to explore what is real in such a mysterious and pretty closed country, partly to hear the voice from the "other side" after too much negative information coming from one side. But what is the best time to visit North Korea?

The beauty and tranquility of this magnolia country has left many beautiful memories in the hearts of tourists. In previous articles, we have provided you with useful information for your trip in DPRK. To help you prepare for a lifetime trip to North Korea, today, we will answer the question: What is the best time to visit North Korea?

Climate and weather must be your primary concerns not only when you come to DPRK but also other countries. The North Korean’s climate has four unique seasons, each with its own distinct characteristics.

Spring in North Korea

This is the time of green plants, fresh color and blooming flowers. The spring lasts from the end of March to the end of May. The weather is pleasant, suitable for all outdoor activities and entertainment.

Summer in North Korea

The weather is quite hot. This is also the time of the monsoon and the rain. Summer takingplace from June to August is suitable for activities at sea to escape from the harshness of the summer sun. The high temperatures make the beaches more attractive. Summer is also a time for students to take summer vacation and travel with their families.

Autumn in North Korea

The season brings the clear natural scenery. Fall is from September to early November every year. The highlight is the moment that visitors live in the midst of the colorful scenery of yellow leaves, red leaves at the most beautiful time of autumn. Monuments, temples, ancient tombs hide behind the woods and waterfall, which makes space more poetry and magnificent."The sky is high and the horses get fat." (an old Korean saying).

Winter in North Korea

The weather is mainly cold. This season lasts from November to March. The time is suitable for the tourist want to experience with the spectacular winter sports. One place you can’t forget to visit in winter is Masikryong Ski Resort. Come to the Masikryong Ski Resort, some visitors have to pinch themselves because it looks like a scene from a movie. The resort, located in the eastern coastal city of Wonsan, Kangwon Province, was built in early 2013 under the direction of leader Kim Jong-un.

For best North Korean travel experiences, we recommend going to North Korea during the important and unique holidays in North Korea. By this time, you not only get into the fun of the festival, but also learn the beautiful cultural characteristics of the people here which is very interesting:

• President Kim II Sung's Birthday: 15/4
• North Korean Liberation Day: 15/8
• Mid-Autumn Festival: 15/8 (lunar month)
• National Day of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea: 9/9
• Date of establishment of the Korean Workers' Party: 10/10

To conclude, choosing the best time to visit North Korea will now be easier when having such a reliable companion - Asia Senses Travel. Our travel consultants who are experienced travelers will listen to your enquiries and point out the positive and the limited aspects of each tour. Your satisfaction is our pleasure!