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by Huang Jin Ling | Mar 29, 2020

Lijiang - A gem of Yunnan Province

Lijiang ancient town, with harmonious beauty of rivers, mountains and local people; breath-taking scenery and colourful heritages has made many tourists enchanted at first sight.

Lijiang is said to be "Venice of the East" with quaint street corners, a system of old canals, jaw-dropping landscapes, narrow alleys… It is the perfect get-away for those who are feeling tired of hustle life of cities.

Located in China’s gorgeous Yunnan Province, Lijiang is covered with white snow all year round. The name “Venice of the East” is inspired from its waterways system and famous bridges by Western tourists. Therefore, don’t forget to hire a boat which will ride you around this ancient town to enjoy the simple beauty of Chinese locals here like little bridges and picturesque canals, beautiful boutiques and flower-lined paths... It seems that time stands still right there.

Lijiang is surrounded by majestic mountains, green trees, blue river, ancient roads, red lanterns dangling on the porch. A town still remains its own ancient, tranquil features, though there are changes and changes outside. Entering Lijiang is like a step into a different world, beautiful but strangely nostalgic.

When coming to Lijiang, you cannot miss the chance to see Dai Jiancheng, which looks like a giant inkstone from a distance, interspersing with a system of canals meandering around the corners of the ancient town. The light of hundreds of lanterns, the mossy grass gently blending with ancient architecture here gives visitors fresh and peaceful feelings. There are no rooms for busy cars, electric lights, high building with LED bulbs or the noise from the streets, but only the sound from a musical instrument are echoing, all the worries of life seem to disappear here. This town made people immersed in the nostalgic atmosphere that stands still forever. In addition, there are very few western restaurants in Lijiang Old Town, and most of the restaurants only serve traditional Chinese breakfast.

For lunch and or dinner, Asia Senses Travel recommends you to go to Yipinxiang Restaurant in Old Town to try the yak meat and sweet yak cheese. They’re delicious! That’s a chance for you to enjoy the original cuisines of Chinese with natural ingredients which dated back to hundreds years ago.

After that, take a stroll through Yuquan Park. This park is gorgeous and great place addition to your Lijiang itinerary. Inside the park there are a scenic pond called Black Dragon Pool and also a spectacular view of Jade Dragon Mountain. This natural destination is true gem to find.

And the final destination of this short tour is Mu Palace, a vivid example of Ming and Qing architecture. The palace complex covers 16 acres and contains nearly 100 separate buildings, in a style matching Beijing’s Forbidden City. Every corner, every house or every sound, every smell here, make people imagine that they are living somewhere far far away from the earth a few dozen years ago, where can only be recreated in movies.

Asia Senses Travel hopes that this post helps you get some ideas for a visit to Lijiang, one of very worth visiting places in Asia. Grasp the passport and go traveling with Asia Senses Travel.