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by | Jan 04, 2019

The magnificent check-in points in Japan and South Korea when traveling on Lunar New Year

A new year is coming and you are wondering about the place for your trip at this festive season? Today Asia Senses will introduce you the splendid check-in places in South Korea and Japan that make everyone have to praise.
1. Seoul

Bukchon Hanok and Gyeongbokgung palace

The capital of Korea is a combination of modern beauty mixed with nostalgic features in architectural space. Coming to Seoul, you can not ignore 2 destinations: Bukchon Hanok - a place keeping traditional culture in the heart of the modern city and Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is majestic with ancient architectural style. On the occasion of Lunar New Year (Seollal), if you visit these 2 locations, you will have a chance to participate in many folk games such as tug-of-war, kite flying, seesaw and yut-nori or watch cultural performances. In particular, what’s a pity if you do not enjoy the culinary culture with the dishes that make up the brand of Kimchi’s land like bimbimbap, gimbap, hobajuk, japchae,…

Namsan love tower

If Paris has the famous Pont des Arts with millions of love locks, Seoul also has a similar location - Namsan tower. Namsan tower is not only a great sight-seeing place that visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Seoul at night but also a place with full of “lock of lovers” and the promises of couples as proof of their eternal love.

2. Japan

Japanese palace

If you want to immerse yourself in the ancient space, the Royal Palace in Japan is the ideal destination for you when traveling to Japan. Previously the Imperial Palace was once the residence of the following generals as the residence of the Emperor. In the palace, there is an east garden area which is open to visitors from Monday to Friday with a beautifully trimmed garden. Western royal gardens all day including Tet holidays except Mondays and Wednesdays. In the area of the Royal Palace, there is also a Budokan performance center, which has been used by many world-famous music stars.

Tokyo Sky Tree

One of the most prominent works in the Japanese capital is the Tokyo Sky Tree, the tallest TV tower in the world with a height of 634m. The area also has a shopping and aquarium complex in the basement, which make this tower become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Japan.

Gion old town

Gion town nowadays still remains the ancient antiquities of Japan. Particularly, the tree-built houses which were created in the Japanese traditional way are beautiful and poetic. Not only it is the only area left for Geisha in Japan, but Gion is also a collection of streets with old wooden houses, teahouses and exclusive restaurants that have become famous all over the globe.

To have the opportunity to check-in and pose as the camera in those magnificent places above, you can sign up for Asia Senses’s tours to join the journey to Japan and Korea this Lunar New Year. In addition, you will receive more incentives when book ticket earlier such as discounts, lucky money, gifts,… Contact us for more information!