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by Thum Jittipon | Mar 27, 2020

The natural beauty of Krabi

Krabi is the stunning scenic landscapes and is one of Thailand’s most alluring destinations to travelers around the world.

Crystal clear waters, limestone cliffs, dense mangroves, the beautiful islands and endless miles of picturesque coastline with white sand beaches, Krabi is the stunning scenic landscapes and is one of Thailand’s most alluring destinations to travelers around the world. This post is a realistic Krabi itinerary on top things you can do in the area that you can’t miss. Stay tuned!

1. How to get to Krabi

Krabi, which is about 185 km from Phuket, is a charming province in Southern Thailand. It takes you about 15 minutes from Krabi International Airport to the main town of Krabi. This international airport is considered as one of the most modern airports in Thailand that is well connected with most of the international cities including Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Manila,… Not to mention, there are regular buses riding from Krabi to Bangkok or Phuket. Especially, you can get to Krabi by ferries from Phuket. However, while it takes you around 3 to 4 hours depending on the traffic by buses, the frequency of ferries running from Phuket to Krabi is very low and the waters may get really choppy when it's the rainy season.

Another cheaper option is that you can rent a car from Phuket which takes you around 3 hours and offers some of the scenic views along the way.

2. Top things to do in Krabi

• Railay Beach

Railay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Krabi as well as in Thailand. The beach is only accessible by longtail boat as it is encircled in cliffs. West Railay shares a bay with Ton Sai Beach and its white sand beaches, beautiful landscapes and crystal clear waters are like walking into a living postcard. Marvel at its limestone caves and lagoon, enjoy this secluded atmosphere, have a walk in footpaths around the cliffs, you will see the epitome of a tropical paradise for adventure-filled afternoons.

If you get hungry, there are 10-20 small cafes and bars are situated right next to the beach that you can be covered for drinks and lunch. Here, you can meet some other travelers or visit with some locals. Why not stop a bit and talk to a local? That’s a great way to learn more about their culture and traditions.

• Ao Nang Beach

Although it’s often overlooked by Railay beach nearby, Ao Nang is worthy of a place on any Thailand itinerary and is the perfect base from which to take day trips around the Krabi area. When you get to the beach, you will find many long-tail boats congregating near the seashores. Take a long-tail boat to reach surrounding secluded bays and islands as well as enjoy the breathtaking cliff views surrounding the bay. Or if you are sunset lovers, just sitting by the sea and catch the sunset on the horizon with soft pastel tones. As the water recedes away from the shore, you can spot hundreds of little crabs and a glistening layer of sand left behind.

If you are planning a trip to spend your summer holiday on a long stretch of sand, Krabi is the best option that you must put on your bucket list. Check out Asia Senses' available tours at our website or talk to our travel experts at the phone number below.