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by | Feb 15, 2019

The ultimate Philippines packing list

Packing can breathe a sigh of relief; it seems that the Philippines is one of the easiest destinations to pack for.
However, like anywhere, a little preparation and some sensible packing can make the difference between a good trip and a perfect trip. Here are the things you’ll use most while traveling the country with 7017 islands – and the things you can definitely leave at home.

1. The clothes
At first, you need to know the weather at the time you take your trip to the Philipines or choose the best time to visit this country. Dry months in the Philipines, which occurs from November, December, January, February, March, April, and May, is also the most popular time for tourists. The weather is hot and humid with the lowest amount of rainfall during these months, which makes it even more perfect to be a getaway. In the other hands, June, July, August, Septemeber, and October make up the wet season. Tropical storms can arise between August and October, so you must update the forecast information continuously to concern the trip at that time. But on the whole, it’s more of hot all-year-round and a little bit of wet.

Not to mention, the different seasons mean you will need certain items at one time of the year. Wearing comfortable clothes like cotton shorts or breathable t-shirts are a must besides swimsuits, wrap dresses, chiffon tops and shorts. You’ll also need a pair of comfy shoes or fancier sandals because you’ll do most of your walking along unevenly paved roads, sandy beaches or sharp rocks. Moreover, light sneakers which are breathable, light, and less likely to smell is a not bad idea.

If you’re planning on spending a chunk of time in the mountains, maybe in Banaue or Sagada to check out the rice terraces, we suggest bringing a few warm items and rain jacket on your Philippines packing list as it can get more chilly.

2. Toiletries:
The toiletries you might want to pack are makeup, deodorant, any specialist skincare or hair care, mosquito repellent and hand sanitiser. It is crucial because there are items that can be used for sensitive skin or allergy. However, we recommend saving space and minimize your luggage’s weight by purchasing shampoo, conditioner and body wash there. You’ll easily find familiar brands like Tresemme and Herbal Essences in the Philippines.
And don’t forget to take the suncream along with you to avoid the harsh sunlight and hot weather here.

3. Documents and money:
Those are important items that you can not go anywhere without them. Remember to check your passport. One Passport is Valid for at least 6 months.

Travel insurance is crucial when you go abroad on the subject of staying healthy and safe

To avoid getting lost or gathering more ideas on what to do in the Philippines, get a good guidebook or Travel Itinerary.

Cards are not available to use except for the fact that you happen to be in a mall or Hotel. You must be sure to have at least 2,000 Pesos at the end of your trip because it is required for the airport tax.

Asia Senses hopes this post has successfully answered your question: what to pack for the Philippines. Looking for more tropical packing tips? Check out our website and contact us to get more information!