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by Pimolpun Larpyongyos | Mar 27, 2020

Things to do in Phuket

One place that everyone aspiring to travel to South East Asia puts on his bucket list is Phuket in Thailand.

In the previous posts, Asia Senses has introduced some stunning islands in Phuket, but that’s not the end. Phuket is not well known just for its spectacular beaches but also about its many sacred temples, sanctuaries, old towns, national parks, and its rich culture. Now you may raise a question: What to do in Phuket besides beaches packed with people? Don’t worry. In this post, Asia Senses will simplify this question for you by listing must-include things in your Phuket itinerary. Let’s check it out.

1. The Big Buhdda Phuket

The 45 meters high white Buddha statue which is located on top of a hill in Chalong, is one of the most popular landmarks in Phuket. The massive sculpture gazes at the beaches of Karon Bay, Kata Noi Bay and even the Phang Nga Bay at a clear distance. It can’t be denied that the views from the top is amazingly spectacular which leaves you a 360-degree view of the Southern Part of Phuket Island especially on a clear-sky day.

Just about 40 minutes from Phuket towns, the best and safest way to reach here is by hiring a taxi because the road uphill is not easy to drive all the way following the frequent signages. It’s critical to avoid visit the Big Buhdda during mid-day or the afternoon as the heat gets crazy. Moreover, Big Buddha is free to visit but a small donation towards the ongoing maintenance works is crucial behavior when visiting this religious place.

2. Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong or Wat Chaiyathararam is the largest and the most popular Buddhist Temple in Phuket which is located in Chalong area. This 200-year-old temple holds great significance to the Thai people. The Grand Pagoda inside the temple is believed to shelter a splinter of bone from Buddha and the paintings on the interior walls and ceilings as well as numerous golden statues of Buddha in different positions give you an insight into the life of Gautam Buddha. Architecturally, this is a beautiful structure built in the early 19th century has elaborate decoration in red and golden color. Visiting the Wat Chalong brings a sense of connecting with the people of Phuket as you will watch Thai Buddhists pray, learn a bit about Buddhism and also pay your own respect. The serenity that the grandeur temple offers spreads across its premises instantly calms you down.

Remember to remove your shoes prior to entering the temple, avoid wearing sleeveless tops and shorts and show your respect towards the local culture and religious sentiment.

3. Phuket Old Town

The major draw to Phuket is its island hopping and beaches, however, a visit to Phuket is incomplete without visiting the gem of Phuket - Phuket Old Town. Colorful colonial buildings, old shophouses, Chinese temples and charming mansions which are over a century old and all decorated with beautiful stucco work will transport you away from the crowded lanes of Patong to a colonial setting. Take a walk down memory lane, enjoy the vibe of Thai night markets, you will agree with us that this place is perfect for a dreamy wandering soul and a definite must on Phuket itinerary.

Include the places and experiences mentioned above in your Phuket itinerary and contact Asia Senses now to take a chance to have a great journey to the island king of Thailand.