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by Suraj Lathore | Mar 27, 2020

One day in Old Delhi

Delhi, India’s capital, is a huge city covered with heritage, history and religious and cultural sites.

Everywhere you go the city from crowded, colorful bazaars to the must-visit forts and temples is hustling and bustling with people and an incredible sensory overload of an abundance of colors, sights, smells, and sounds. A tale of two cities: New and Old – Delhi is such a culturally vibrant place that you must put on your travel bucket list for this summer vacation. Below is a list of places to visit in Old Delhi that you should not miss out on when planning for the trip.

1. Jama Masjid

Begin your trip by dating back centuries to learn about the Mugal history of Old Delhi in Jama Masjid. If Taj Mahal is known monument built by Shah Jahan worldwide, Jama Masjid is another important landmark of Mughal Empire constructed in the mid 16th century. It is one of India’s largest mosques where the 408 square feet courtyard only can accommodate as many 25000 people for offering their prayers and the highest minaret gives you 360° views over the Red Fort and the surrounding city.

This Indian largest mosque has a typical Persian architecture style which was designed in red sandstone and marble entirely. The prayer hall is the main building of the Mosque where locals offer their prayers every day. Remember not to step into the zone where people are praying to show your respect to the Indian culture.

2. Red Fort

When leaving Jama Masjid, take a tuk-tuk ride away to the Red Fort nearby. The Red Fort, which is also known as Lal Qila, was built in 1639 by Shah Jahan when he decided to shift the capital of the Mughal Empire from Agra to Delhi. That’s the reason why its architecture looks similar to Agra Fort in some aspects. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was home to reigning Mughal emperors until 1857 and continues to be a beautiful structure well worth a visit.

Its ramparts are the most impressive part and you can see them from outside by walking trails surrounding to get nice views free of charge before paying to go inside. Lal Qila is comprised of a few internal buildings and truly a delight in learning about its colorful history of sieges, plunder and exiles as well as how the Mughal lived when you walk around.

3. Chandni Chowk

Ending your journey day by crossing one of Delhi’s oldest and most famous markets – Chandni Chowk. Located in the heart of Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk is also called Moonlight Square which runs through the Red Fort and all the way through to Fatehpur Masjid. You can find every traditional stuff in this bazaar ranging from spices, dried fruit, vivid saris, silver jewelry to essential oils and traditional Indian sweets. Some other parts in Chandni Chowk that are also better listed in your travel guide like Kinari Bazaar where the kings and queens used to buy fabrics for their weddings.

The lanes here are so narrow and crowded with people that you should be careful with your bags to prevent shoplifters. There are some more interesting destinations in Old Delhi awaiting you. Asia Senses hopes that your journey to India will leave you thoughtful and inspired. Contact us to book the earliest India tour now.