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by Khuong Nguyen | Mar 29, 2020

Tibiao - Amazing Ecotourism Spot

Tibiao is where you can experience village life, meet locals welcoming you with a huge smile and you’re surrounded by lush green forests.

From world-class beaches to lush rain forests, the Philippines is one of the most diverse landscape we've ever seen. And with over 7,000 islands you really have to consider your Philippines travel itinerary if you’re into macro photography or keen on spotting underwater giants. Located on the Antique island which is not far from the famous Boracay beach, Tibiao has emerged as an amazing ecotourism spot in the Philippines.

While walking along the main road, you can learn a lot about local life. You will have a chance to see and join the process of building fishing boat, natural salt production, making pottery and bricks. You might think that many countries in Southeast Asia are familiar with natural salt production, however, this activity in Tibiao is a brand new experience for you. As one of the villagers explained to us, it’s a very demanding job and sadly, it’s also dying out slowly. The producers use only natural ingredients like seawater and sand to produce salt continuously in 4 months, from March through June. They are able to make 25 kg of salt in three days, which requires three proper cloth filtrations. So if you guys are planning on visiting Tiabao this March, don't forget to take part in this interesting local process.

And if you get hurt when give a try to make pottery in Tiabao, don't worry, the villagers will take you to Remidios Maniba, a woman who shows you the miracle possible by healing your wound with her special, unique herbal medicines. That's so awesome, isn't it?

After some new, exciting outdoor activities like zipline, zorb, trekking, how about refreshing yourself with Kawa hot tub? That’s to say, you can relax in the hot water with fresh herbs and flowers that are prepared by locals, thus it will make your bath a soothing pleasure. We suggest having a Kawa bath in the evening or early morning, when fresh air dominate Tiabao. There’s no doubt when it said that Tibiao is a one of the best body and soul retreat in the Philippines.

The breaking dawn comes, why don’t you take a walk in the bank of whitewater river, jump into the river and make time for meditating. It can’t denied that whitewater river is a wonderful place for meditation, as during the dry season you can easily sit in the water and let the stream of the river flow around you.

With Asia Senses Travel, you get more than you wish for, see more than expect, try more than you had planned and connect with nature than you could imagine.