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by Tran Thu Ha | Mar 27, 2020

Top 4 cities worth visiting to welcome New Year’s Eve

New Eve is always the most exciting and jubilant moment in a year. If you want to change the atmosphere of the New Year Countdown in Vietnam and get new experiences in neighbor countries, you should refer to the top 4 cities below.

Asia Senses Travel makes sure that they will become memorable memories for you and your family/ friends in special moments interluding between the old and new year with so much fun.

1. Tokyo, Japan

One of the most visited shrines on New Year’s Eve is Meiji Jingu Temple. At the stroke of midnight on December 31st, the temple will ring their bells an even 108 times, which is a sign of the transfer from the old year to the new year. Thousands of people gather around the gate of the temple, wait for the moment of the new year, toss the coins and wish a new year with more luck, happiness for themselves, for friends and all relatives. Moreover, you can have a chance to experience the ritual firsthand which means that you have your heart, mind, and soul cleansed for a New Year.

2. Singapore

The charm of the Singapore New Year is the 8-minute fireworks display with a beautiful life theme. That is the moment for people to say their new year aspirations. The first destination that visitors can not miss is the Marina Bay area, where you will take part in the countdown concert at the moment of transfer to the new year. In addition, the combination between impressive fireworks and outstanding performing arts will make you too ecstatic to take your eyes off. Moreover, crowds gather at Clark Harbor for live music, spectacular fireworks, active nightlife scenes of Singapore.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant city of light and color in New Year's Eve. Traveling to Hong Kong around this time is the chance for visitors to take part in countdown events with fireworks performances all over the areas around Victoria Harbor. In addition, places like Tsim Sha Tsui, Avenue of Stars and Times Square in Hong Kong, the atmosphere is as vibrant and magnificent as New York. At Disneyland Hong Kong, children can enjoy the New Year's Eve in their own ways with joyful toys and games.

4. Jakatar, Indonesia.

Jakatar is the perfect place for those who love the bustle and excitement because New Year's Eve here is always bustling with crowds gathering in central areas. The best New Year's fireworks are displayed in: Carnaval Beach at the luxurious Ancol Dreamland and La Piazza Shopping at the famous Kelapa Gading Mall. Major commercial and other hotels, especially those in an international chain, will also hold firework performances. We recommend you choose places where there is a terrace garden to see the panoramic city shimmering at night.

Asia Senses Travel hopes that you got some ideas for your own trip in New Year’s days with interesting information above. We are strongly confident to be one of the best tour operators in Viet Nam who accompany you to explore “the magic of Asia”.